They Were Hell-Bent on Killing Her

At Parx on September 6 of last year, True Upgrade fell in the 12th race. Here is what that looked like:

The then-five-year-old mare, however, did not die that day. So, of course, owner/trainer Bryant Taylor had her back on the track in November (in a $5K claiming race). Five more races followed, then True was sold prior to an April race; new people: Breezer Racing, Anthony Carango. Over those seven races (after the fall), True finished at or near the bottom each time, a combined 89 lengths back.

Then came yesterday, once again at Parx. It was her 51st turn under the whip (all, by the way, in Pennsylvania). As you will plainly see, the “acting-up” True had to be forcibly – almost violently – loaded into the gate. It’s a good bet that something was wrong, and it being her own body, she knew it. But instead of listening to her, the horse, the show went on, with this as the result shortly after the start: “True Upgrade suffered a catastrophic injury and was subsequently euthanized.” My disdain for this industry, and the people within, grows with each passing day.

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  1. It’s clear that TRUE UPGRADE suffered from some type of injury, but I can’t see exactly what the injury is. I’m guessing it’s a broken bone, but all her legs seem to be intact. Nothing is dangling exactly. She is staying up on all fours longer than I expected after seeing her falter (in the second video). The despicable, disgusting, demented people who are involved in this CRUELTY to horses deserve to be arrested, charged and convicted of Felony Animal Cruelty. This is an outrageous display of INHUMANE TREATMENT of horses, especially TRUE UPGRADE in this case!!!!!

    • U could see she did not want to be in gate or racing she should been a vet scratch at gate she would still be alive

  2. I use to think horse racing a beautiful sport but after reading a lot of reports on how the horses are mistreated I hate to say all the owners care about is the money & the glory!

  3. If we can’t end horse racing right now, then ALL Claiming races should be eliminated IMMEDIATELY. Claimers are the cruelest form of abuse. Fields filled with old, broken down horses that no one cares about. The ultimate goal is banning horse racing but what if we take a baby step forward and eliminate Claiming?

    • I think horseracing is like cancer; it can’t be gotten rid of unless you try to get rid of the whole thing at once, if that is even possible.

  4. Claiming is the backbone of this gambling game. It is the way horses are disposed of before the final disposal. In fact, claiming is the name of the game – the essence.

  5. Everyone involved with this horse should die horrible deaths including the officials and everyone at Parx.

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