Please Don’t Look Away From This Murder

On June 8, 2019, Jess Dale First, five years old at the time, came in 9th of 10 in a race at Arizona Downs. His trainer in that race was Jorge Duarte-Noriega. Jess then disappeared from the charts for over 2 1/2 years, presumably “retired” – or, given that he was a gelding with negligible “earnings,” dead/slaughtered. But ’twas not the case.

Jess resurfaced at the death pit known as Rillito this past February – again, after being away for over 2 1/2 years. Under owner Luis Diaz-Barriga and trainer Pedro Urias Soto, Jess finished dead last. A new pair, Luis Fernando Diaz and Umberto Belloc, sent him out at the Cochise County Fair (still Arizona) in April. Once again, dead last.

A little over a week ago, May 7, it was the Santa Cruz County Fair. This time, Duarte-Noriega was back as trainer (with Diaz still owning). It was to be Jess’ final race – final anything. While the chart said nothing (save for “never a factor”), after the wire – and, yes, Jess finished last again – the now-8-year-old broke down and is dead.

If, after viewing this video, you are not at once sickened and seething with anger, then there’s nothing I can do to reach you.

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  1. Wow.. How sick. I doubt i can watch the video. This poor horse SHOWED them again and again, he wasnt really capable. And they STILL killed him. A disgrace .

  2. And of course they were in a big hurry to hide a dying ruined horse. Discusting pieces of crap. They need to get. Job instead of working these horses to death

  3. What do you expect from people who have no problem with bullfighting? Go to Mexico, or other Hispanic countries, and see how they treat their horses. Just today, on Facebook, I briefly watch a video of a Mexican rodeo. Pure unadulterated horse abuse. I’ve travelled extensively in the area and I know what I am writing about. By the way, I have legal residency in Panama, a country that outlawed bullfighting. Bring in the third world, your country and it’s values change. Our hyper p.c. society doesn’t want to face the facts, but you can’t ignore that many of the worst horse abusers are not ethnic Europeans. Rest in peace Jess Dale First.

  4. This just sickens me to the core!!!! How anyone can watch this in person and STILL choose to support this “sport” is beyond me!!!

  5. Human beings are born into sin regardless of race. This is about horseracing and killing that needs to be stopped regardless of race or ethnic background. A dead horse is a dead horse regardless of who did the hands on killing or who made it possible to do this evil, INHUMANE TREATMENT OF HORSES.
    Horseracing is horse killing all over the world. Let’s be the voice for the horses and help stop these atrocities!!!!!!!
    This is not just one isolated incident. How many horses are killed behind the scenes where there are no cameras??? Six horses killed a day in the USA!!!????

    • That’s why it enraged me when Donald (previous administration) gave tax breaks to the horse owners of the likes of billionaires like Repole’s and George Soros’ of the world! They don’t need help.

      • Narcissism is the enemy of the horses, among so many other kinds of voiceless and/or powerless living beings without adequate representation.
        This “human” fountain of narcissistic, money-grubbing, power-mongering and selfish greed needs to be investigated anywhere that it exists, to say the least.

        • EXACTLY Wanda, we here at HRW’s have been trying and working so hard to shut this evil down and Donald was not only helping billionaire owners but encouraging it to continue. Does anyone think Soros,Repole …. real billionaires need breaks and help? He (Donald) gave specific breaks and help to racehorse owners.

  6. “Never a factor” pretty much sums up how the racing industry views their horses.

  7. When people who paid to see a horse race see a horse get killed and suddenly pretend they care about horses…. Well, let’s just say I am not impressed, especially when someone refers to the horse as a “f*cker.”

    “Get over here right now and make this thing I just saw not be true! I didn’t pay to see a dying horse’s legs tremble!”

    • A trembling dying horse does not mean anything to these people. They gather in the “winner’s circle” for their “celebration” and a photo shoot while a horse lays mortally wounded in the dirt.
      Nobody bats an eye while the screens go up to block the pitiful scene just in case a fan or two might get a dose of reality and turn their backs on this ugly business…or someone might post a picture of the dying horse.

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