Derby-Winning Jockey Was Once Suspended for “Inflicting Visible Injuries on One of His Mounts”

Again, it’s not even close to being the worst of it, but… Word comes that Sonny Leon, the “winning” jockey in the Derby, is currently serving a four-day suspension in Ohio for “careless riding” in an April 27 race at Thistledown. Specifically, Leon “deliberately and aggressively steered [his horse] towards the rail to block on-coming horses.” This is Leon’s fifth suspension since September; the highlight of those: “inflicting visible injuries on one of his mounts through misuse of the whip” (Courier-Journal).

Of the jockey’s methods, Jeff Perrin, Leon’s agent, says: “You do have to be aggressive to win. I think there are judgment calls that people make, and I don’t want to comment on it too much for political reasons. But you have to be aggressive.”

“But you have to be aggressive.” Had enough yet, America?

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  1. I’ve had enough. Regrettably, the U.S. population is hopelessly brainwashed and will take up any cause or position they repeatedly see promoted on television.

  2. Also, Karen …. the breeders and a-holes who claim this as their evil loser job, grease the palms of the politicians, to make sure they’ll be on their side. There’s not the slightest doubt if it was put to a nation wide vote of the people (up or down vote) it would be GONE. DONE.

  3. His violation is just the tip of the iceberg. Jockeys AREN’T riders. They simply sit on a horse yank him around and whip the hell out of him. I could be wrong, but I’ve watched an arial-shot video of the race several times and I’m very skeptical about the last furlong. It’s strange that Rich Strike could accelerate at the speed he did after running more than a mile and an eighth and win. His behavior makes me think he was shocked. Something is not right. Horse-racing is just hideous and it’s so disturbing that people don’t see what’s clearly right before them.

  4. The jockey’s agent might be a bottom-feeder to “make his living” in this CRUEL industry, but he admits that it requires being aggressive to win horse races plus he admits that it is a politically-charged issue. So, by all means, these guys must cover their own asses, because there is literally billions of dollars at stake. The horses are just a commodity after all as far as these people are concerned. Protect the Harvest and your diabolical, bottom-feeder greed and try to make it look glamorous…🤬
    Horses exploited for racing are not pets. So don’t expect them to have “manners” under any circumstances in this industry. This practice of routinely ABUSING HORSES for fun and profit needs to be outlawed!!!!!!! Put these human beings in jail where they belong!!!!

  5. Looks like this horse is really enjoying his romp with the jockey. It’s more like running for his life. The little jerk is putting everything he has into that swing doesn’t it?

  6. The cruelty, abuse and inhumane treatment is widespread, systemic and facilitated by corrupt racing commissions.
    From multiple doping serial killing “trainers” to serial racehorse beaters to racing commissioners owning racehorses this business is a cesspool of nefarious activity.
    It’s rotten to the core and the only reason why they’ve been getting away with this for so long is because their victims are voiceless and defenseless.

  7. Has anyone noticed that there is a Face Book group called Jockey World that is trying to glorify the industry and keep the gates open despite the irrefutable evidence of deaths and injuries done to over raced and abused horses? These people are a disgrace to humanity. They have no remorse or contrition over the dreadful crimes that occur each day at tracks that are still in existence. May God forgive them for their lack of compassion and respect for horses they should be rescuing instead of sending them out to malignant injuries and death.

    • It’s so entrenched in their being that they can’t consider any other way of living.

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