“Stopped Abruptly, Collapsed After the Finish” at Parx

In the 7th at Parx yesterday, Beaver Creek, says the chartwriter, “stopped abruptly [and] collapsed after the finish.” Though the notes did not say, the 5-year-old is almost assuredly dead. The replay, by the way, stops immediately prior to the collapse.

This is horseracing.


      • You’re probably right Alan. Cold and windy yesterday in Bensalem. One must walk outside to get from casino to the horseracing building.

    • There wasn’t anyone in the stands. I only noticed 2 people meandering around after the race. Shows how important racing is to the general public, thank goodness.

  1. Surprised poor Beaver Creek’s collapse was admitted by the chartwriter at all. Parx officials now rarely concede their carnage, and I read somewhere that their so-called regulators at the Pennsylvania Horse Racing Commission are actually considering a Dead Horse Database for all of their state’s horse-killing tracks — of which, Parx always seems to be the worst.
    If the database does get done, I think it’s safe to say that PA racing officials will do as they do in California; that is, make their own reporting standards as deliberately vague as possible. (Then never, ever provide any sort of explanation of said standards to the public, and refuse to answer queries about any and all injured and deceased horses.)
    This CHRB system has worked out UNBELIEVABLY well for the California horse-killers, and I highly recommend all the other racing states embrace it as well. After all, horse racing is all about “integrity” and “transparency” these days;)

    • Kelly, I’m certain that what you read is fact. New Jersey moved “up” (by bringing the whips back) to be in line with the “new” whatever standards, “the” standard, the “uniform” standard, of horse racing, you know, because you know they all want to be compliant with the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act/Authority, right?
      So, I think we could all write letters to Santa at the North Pole and ask him to tell us the “missing” information, such as: 1) what are the names of the people who are members of the “blue ribbon nominating committee” for the recently formed and all-important Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority. Inquiring minds want to know. I know I do!/

    • Kelly, I haven’t watched Pennsylvania tracks since they killed Wentzylvania… and I never will. I WILL NEVER get over that. NEVER. I hold grudges, oh hell yeah I do. My mind is a steel trap

  2. Just a reminder that PARX gets about 250 million per year in taxpayer-funded subsidies via their racino deals.
    They answer to nobody while the inhumane treatment and killing of racehorses goes unabated and so does the dumping.
    They don’t even have a 1% mandatory financial contribution to racehorse aftercare.
    You would think the politicians would have put in place minimum standards of care when handing them this money on a silver platter.
    This obscene amount of money has only exacerbated an already sickening scenario for racehorses and its also permitted widespread corruption.
    Obviously, the racehorses are the biggest losers, but so are PA residents, their children and public education.
    Horse racing is like a cancerous tumor in our communities.
    It must be excised and so too the politicians who continue to rubber stamp this ridiculous gravy train.

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