Santa Anita Strikes Again: Cayton Kid Killed Today

For the second straight day, a kill at Santa Anita. Cayton Kid, four, died training this morning – “musculoskeletal,” for now. She is the 5th dead horse at “safe” Santa Anita on the year. They’re lying to you, America: Horseracing kills, as a matter of course.

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  1. Reforms are a ruse.
    Horse racing REQUIRES daily abusive business practices to force their voiceless victims to flip a buck for the wagering windows and their connections.
    The daily practice of intense confinement, doping, whipping/beating inevitably leads to a lifetime of unsoundness, if they survive, or dying in the dirt on their tracks and private training centers.
    Countless voiceless victims like CAYTON KID denies horse racing their lies and so did MONGOLIAN GROOM.
    They speak to us through their broken bones, torn tendons and ligaments and when they die their silence speaks volumes.
    I don’t know how much longer it’s going to take for the animal loving state of California to rid themselves and their communities of this killing business.

  2. Why all the sudden transparency, CHRB? You guys finally figure out that you’re not doing YOURSELVES any favors by hiding all your on-track training breakdowns? (Never mind the poor dead HORSES, whose only “favor” from the Board comes from an entirely different and opposing board: the California Veterinary Medical Board.)

    Also, I wonder if the fact that poor Cayton Kid is owned by the CHRB Chairman’s SON has anything to do with her death admission, hmmmm?

  3. So, if the owner (or owners) of a horse that is killed by the racing industry while being forced to run on the racetrack (with whipping, shocking, or whatever combination of abuses the trainer and exercise rider or jockey chooses to use) wants a necropsy performed, they would not be able to hide the death, I would assume. I’m not clear on what list of criteria are used to determine whether a dead horse will be necropsied or not and reported or hidden.
    Is there a “list of criteria” at all?
    If there is, I feel certain that it is as mysterious as the number of human beings that make up the “nominating committee” of the recently formed Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority as well as their names. The names of the Authority’s (blue ribbon) nominating committee remain undisclosed as far as I can see on the HISA website. They come across as being really proud of themselves for evidently being able to what? Win blue ribbons? Who are these mysterious “blue ribbon” people that proudly nominated AND named human members of the various Committees and the HISA Board members?
    I suspect that one of those blue ribbon nominating committee members could possibly be Frank Stronach. I suspect it, but I can’t prove it in a court of law. Who is not intrigued by a “mystery” in the so-called Sport of Kings? (Sorry for using the term Sport, because I know abusing and killing horses is so morally depraved.)

  4. It’s June 2019 in California just after a bunch of deaths, that we know are normal for this business, that finally garnered public outrage and Gov. Newsom responded.
    He empowered the CHRB with Bill 469 that could suspend race days at any racetrack without any input.
    It was part of the “reforms” that, by golly, would be enacted when the next racehorse dies most likely.
    Never happened.
    Where is Bill 469 right now?
    Hiding somewhere in the manure piles because we all know that any Bill that will stop the monies flowing into their wagering coffers, at the sole detriment of the racehorses, will only remain public wallpaper.
    Racehorses regularly dying is “inherent” in horse racing as Patrick repeatedly states and ain’t that so?

    • Gina, I remember you saying they should be invoking Bill 469 several times, but they never did. It was a cruel joke then and obviously it is still a cruel, sadistic, brutal joke. After all, it’s been said several times that track vets are paid to pass horses to race that should be scratched. If the track vets scratch “too many” horses, they will lose their job.

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