4-Year-Old Sister Luck Killed at Belmont

This from the Gaming Commission for Sister Luck at Belmont: “horse suffered an injury – suspected pelvic fracture – while breezing on Apr 14; euthanized on Apr 17 due to condition changing.” In addition to the usual horror of another beautiful animal dying for gambling, this poor one was made to suffer with a “suspected pelvic fracture” for three days before being put down. Vile. Sister was four years old.


  1. Why would anyone allow a horse to suffer with a fractured pelvis for three days…? Is it not morally depraved enough to cause the horse to get a fractured pelvis in the first place???? Horseracing is definitely a depraved gambling racket that literally kills horses. It’s for sadistic people. These horrific acts of cruelty to horses must be punishable by law!!!!!!

  2. I agree with Wanda Diamond. These sadistic people responsible for this cruelty to horses should be punished by law!!!!

  3. What kind of soulless monster lets a poor animal suffer for three hours — much less, three DAYS — with a broken pelvis? Well, I think we’ve found him: Joseph R. Lee, a so-called trainer who apparently took a nine-year hiatus from horse-killing, followed by a very brief return, then an EIGHTEEN-year break before again returning to his true calling: torturing animals for fun and profit. Maybe the protracted and painful death of poor Sister Luck will convince Mr. Lee to finally take a more permanent sabbatical from equine abuse. (But I kinda doubt it.)

  4. SUSPECTED pelvic fracture? If the clinical signs of such were there, why didn’t they do an X-ray? There’s no excuse for this crap.

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