“We can always replace a horse but we can’t replace drivers.”

Yesterday, I reported on the kill – “apparent broken neck” – of Never Not Dancing at Saratoga. Here is a FB post from, presumably, her owner (Paul Dudka was the trainer):

“Part of the family,” but… “We can always replace a horse but we can’t replace drivers.” Vile people. Vile business.

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  1. You pointed out the contradictory thought process of these horse-abusing, horse-killing psychopaths very well, Patrick.
    To Laurie Dudka’s comment that the horse can be replaced (after saying that the horse, NEVER NOT DANCING, was part of the family), I say as the Churchlady on Saturday Night Live said many times — “Isn’t that special?!”
    This is certainly a poster-child type of an example of why exploiting horses for racing and wagering should be recognized by law as the callous cruelty to horses that it is!!!

  2. What a low life scrumbag! Really! Just goes to show how the racing industry loves their horses like family!

    Shut this down!

  3. Once again, the racing fraternity has really shown their true colours…..’we can replace a horse but not the drivers’ Well, harsh as this is, perhaps if a few drivers were KILLED than this disgusting, sickening ‘sport’ would be recognized for what it is, nothing more than a money-grabbing, profiteering atrocity inflicted onto innocent, defenseless horses. All I can say, is G*D help their family if a family member can just be easily replaced, all for the sake of prize money and five minutes of glory.

  4. Racehorses are disposable gambling chips – their human beaters are not!
    This is the widely accepted viewpoint of most in horse racing.
    This mentality is supported, condoned and enabled by the entire industry.
    Sick, but true.

  5. “The replay is UGLY!”
    Well, yeah. EVERY race replay is ugly when you learn what this industry is really all about — even the ones where all the victims appear to emerge unscathed. They don’t.
    In fact, “ugly” is the perfect descriptor for horse racing in its entirety:
    An ugly, abuse-fueled gambling game, filled with ugly people doing ugly things to magnificent animals for ugly greed.
    Horse racing: Doesn’t get any uglier than this.

    • Kelly, that accident was UGLY as you said. If there was an “audience” I wonder how many left the track and were able to drive home or sleep that night.

      • Three drivers went to the hospital so, yeah, it was UGLY. No worries though — the exploited and killed horse, NEVER NOT DANCING, in Laurie Dudka’s words, “can be replaced.” So naturally with a morally depraved mindset such as this, it’s only a matter of time before they will be putting another innocent horse at risk. So, I guess they don’t remember the UGLY for very long.

        • I think 3 drivers went to the hospital, but maybe not. I believe 4 drivers were injured.

          • 4 horses downed Wanda.one passed away that night.No telling if the others are not passed away or injured

  6. Nice to see the big shout out to all those who got that valuable equipment off the lifeless carcass laying out there on the track – glad to see you guys have your priorities straight. And damn, you only had a few weeks to exploit your newest piece of chattel? My heart bleeds for you.

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