3-Year-Old Falls “Heavily,” Dead at Aqueduct

3-year-old Lord Licorice in the 6th yesterday at Aqueduct:

“Lord Licorice shied in at the start bumping and squeezing back [other horses]…came under light coaxing [force of some kind] at the 3/8, swung five wide into upper stretch under a drive [force of some kind], suffered a catastrophic injury nearing the eighth pole and fell heavily at that station requiring euthanization on track.”

And just so we’re reminded (as if necessary) where their priorities lie: “There was a Stewards’ Inquiry into the incident [involving] Lord Licorice before the result stood and the race was declared official.” (As is their wont, the suits at the New York Racing Association, cowards that they are, have stricken the race replay from their website.)

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  1. Shying from something is a typical behavior for horses, especially young horses. Whipping them just makes it all that much worse for the horse!!!! It’s obvious to anyone with any common sense and compassion for the horses that this EGREGIOUS CRUELTY is PREMEDITATED INHUMANE TREATMENT OF HORSES.
    These evil people belong in prison for FELONY ANIMAL CRUELTY!

  2. End this filthy business. Stop breeding and running these poor animals to death. I have not seen much of any compassion for these poor creatures. Ridiculous abuse of animals that anyone else would wind up being prosecuted for. Bunch of sickos and sadistic useless human trash. I hope there’s karma for these abusers. They can’t even speak straight.

    • Right, just saying ” jockey whipped the hell out of the horse to get him/her/it to run faster” doesn’t sound good, because obviously this whole show of brutality against horses isn’t good. The horses are forced to endure abuse beyond words.

  3. Not surprised in the least to see the so-called trainer’s name of poor Lord Licorice. Rudy Rodriguez is New York’s poster boy for horse-killing, just like Bob Baffert is California’s. Problem for both states’ racing officials is that any sort of reprimand, condemnation, or (gasp!) suspension for their “excessive” deaths would only serve OUR interests — not those of racing’s other horse killers (namely, everyone else).

    So Rodriguez will keep right on killing. As will Baffert, just as soon as his forced little “medication” suspension is lifted. But Rudy’s in the not-creepy-at-all claiming game, and doesn’t have most of Baffert’s helpful horse-disappearing connections. (Both factors help keep many Bob Kills from making the news. Sorry, Rudy.)

  4. Horseracing must be ended for good. It is heartbreaking for the horses to suffer such abuse and ultimately untimely deaths.

  5. While LORD LICORICE was down in the dirt, writhing in pain, waiting for the pink needle his “trainer” (more like killer) Rudy Rodriquez was celebrating his win with FUNNY JOKE who won the race.
    Their moral depravity is a bottomless pit.

    • Great point. Yes, Rudy is a monster. But he’s hardly the only one. Doc Allred springs to mind as another serial offender. Kill one, then cheer on the second one before the corpse of the first is even cold. Truly one of the most obscene spectacles in the game. And it happens time and time again. The “loving” connections of the broken-down racehorse profess to be immediately gutted, heartbroken, devastated, blah blah blah. But if they’ve got another runner in the next couple days — or even in the very next race(!) — they ALL still put on their hopeful happy faces, then send out their next victim to possibly suffer the same fate.
      (But watch ’em get all testy when they’re called-out on their callousness. They’ll accept condolences on their “devastating” loss, while defending their continued addiction to horse-killing with their dying dinosaur breaths.)

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