The Evil Is Worldwide: At Least 4 Killed at Grand National Meet

At least four horses were killed at The Grand National three-day meet in England – three yesterday alone. Their names, and the vile utterances of their exploiters:

Solwara One, Friday. Trainer Neil Mulholland: “Unfortunately we lost Solwara One today due to an injury, very sad.”

Elle Est Belle, Saturday. Track spokesperson: “Very sadly Elle Est Belle sustained a fatal injury [‘suspected heart attack’] close to the finish line…. All our thoughts are with [her] connections.”

Discorama, Saturday. Trainer Paul Nolan: “We are heartbroken to have lost Discorama…. Our condolences to his owners Andrew Gemmell and Tom Friel.” Chris Proudman, vet advisor: “[It was] necessary to put him to sleep on welfare grounds. Our thoughts are with his connections.”

Eclair Surf, Saturday. Trainer Emma Lavelle: “We are very sad to report that having sustained a traumatic head injury in yesterday’s Grand National, Eclair Surf lost his fight this morning. He was an incredibly special horse, loved by everyone and he will be missed terribly.”


  1. Of course they’re sad. sad because they cannot collect any more prize money or have their five minutes of glory….but never mind, they’ll happily collect the insurance money and the ‘slaughterhouse’ fees and move on to their next ‘victim’ Even the winning jockey was fined £300.00 for excessively WHIPPING his horse in the closing stages of the Grand National, but never mind, he still called a ‘hero’ for winning.

  2. One horse had leg injury,one a pelvic, one dropped dead and one with massive head injury. The one with the head injury who they put the mean green screen up was taken to a hospital. The trainer is all aghast that Eclair Surf has passed. ES was not to run in this state of barbarity but an opening happened. They are claiming complete sadness about his passing. So I ask why the hell would any of you subject your well loved beautiful creature to this 40 horse multi hurdle multi mile death trap?

  3. I have said this before and I will say it again, these sick and totally unsympathetic monsters will NEVER give up racing horses, and dogs by means of pleas and kind words which means nothing to them.
    Many instances of cruelty, profiteering through cruelty and sheer greed have only been stopped through the acts of violent protests. I will just leave it to others to make suggestions about how to progress in our desire to witness the end of horse and greyhound racing forever.

      • Well as sad as I feel saying this, “I’ll see you on this site another 10 years time then, because nothing will have changed by being ‘nice’.

        • Violence against the people of the horse racing industry would not change public opinion or the laws against the tradition of the exploitation of horses for racing, wagering, and the so-called fun and excitement of watching horses run. In addition to the actual racing is the agricultural aspect of the horseracing industry. Violence against the horses is bad enough. Advocating for kindness and respect to horses cannot be accomplished with violence against people. I wish it could be that easy but it is not.

  4. Like horse racing these morally deprived people go back and do it all over again knowing that they are exposing their horses to deadly situations that often end up like this.
    You would have to be deliberately ignorant and maliciously willful to perpetrate this on a living being.
    Their crocodile tears and empty words sicken me because if it mattered to them then they wouldn’t be doing this in the first place.

  5. The picture above is benign compared to the reality of the actual hurdles used in this barbaric event. The course is over 4 miles and the jumps range from 4.5 feet high and look like shrubbery. There are 3 that are majorly deadly.Becker Brook for one.

    • One of the major differences about the way horses are kept for flat track racing and steeplechase racing is that instead of forced confinement in stalls for 23 hours a day in flat track racing, the horses used for steeplechase racing are allowed to be out on pasture. I really don’t know the number of hours or the quality or size of the pastures, but the bones of the horses used for steeplechase racing would not be as weakened as they are in stall confinement. The steeplechase racing needs to be recognized by the public and the law as an equicidal incident waiting to happen. It is never a matter of IF a horse will get INJURED, but a matter of WHEN AND HOW MANY HORSES will be INJURED in any type of racing using horses.
      I suspect that when these owners allegedly say that they’re sad, it’s highly likely that their public relations specialist either told them to say that or said it for them. It just doesn’t seem appealing to have the truth of the matter revealed as in some sick, twisted creep sitting on a dead horse making a phone call.

      • Wanda, they use statistics of finishers and fallers. The fallers shame on them for not finishing and making the trainer look like they failed. But it’s the horses fault,right?

  6. Can never say, “This is as bad as it gets,” because inevitably horseracing of any kind will inflict pain, suffering, and death (and/or slaughter) to the nth degree on yet other innocent victims, followed by crocodile tears…all the way to the bank. Horseracing money doesn’t just “talk,” it screams and shouts. If we can ratchet up exposures, media reports, and public awareness, we have a chance of reaching a turning point to get it all banned with violations treated as felony crimes. As difficult as it is, HR’s research is paving the way toward that end–Thank you!.

    • There is absolutely no bottom with these scumbag lazy leeches. THAT will NEVER change Marilyn.


  8. horses have been my favourite animal since a child and still are at 76 yrs old. i loath the owners and trainers who do not love horses but get their kicks and especially in this incredibly hard race, exhausting and so dangerous and this year 4 horses gave their lives to amuse us humans.

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