“Collapsed and Died” at Belmont

The 5-year-old mare Five Alarm Robin Saturday at Belmont: “horse collapsed and died on track while breezing.” Again, she was just five years old.

This is horseracing.

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  1. A beautiful well configured animal…won at the coveted Saratoga not too long ago. Born and died in the month of April. It gets to the point where one runs out of words.

  2. FIVE ALARM ROBIN was born on April 18, 2016. Linda Rice is listed as Owner & Trainer as of last start which was November 19, 2021. She was breezed three times in March 2022; the 6th, the 13th, and the 23rd.
    She has two DNFs in her racing results. Later on, she was able to win. Her racing results history resembles a sort of roller coaster with death as the final consequence of this abuse and torture! It appears obvious that Linda Rice tortured and doped this mare to run.

    • Five Alarm Robin had at least 4 abusers – J. Englehart, G. Sciacca, M. Nevin, L. Rice. What a short, tragic life that beautiful mare endured.

      • Hi Joy, Those trainers mentioned should have been gone from the industry years ago. unfortunately their are others especially the west coast abusers. Very sorry about Five Alarm Fire.

      • “At least” is right, Joy! She was put through the Keeneland Association November 2016 Breeding Stock Sale and sold for $160,000. She was again put through an auction at the Keeneland Association September Yearling Sale 2017 and sold for $150,000. She must have had ulcers from a very young age to say the least about her emotional and physical suffering even before being put through the meat grinder at the Linda Rice racing stable.

  3. Something was amiss with Five Alarm Robin. She was claimed by Rice the end of October and started on 11 November and again on 19 November.
    She was not started again.
    She was breezed 3 times in March, almost 4 months after her last race. Then she dropped dead on 2 April while breezing for the 4th time.l

  4. Serial claimer, racehorse abuser and killer Linda Rice has been doing this for years.
    She has a long history of violations including a serious corruption charge that she was found guilty on, subsequently suspended, appealed and now collecting dust on the paperwork.
    True to industry form they protect the cheaters, abusers and killers sweeping her suspension under the carpet.
    There is no gender difference when it comes to horse racing apologists exploiting these poor racehorses to the max, but it’s clear that Ms. Rice is a true parasite much more than most in this game.
    She claims racehorses, many of whom have more than earned a soft landing and she grinds them into the ground squeezing every last cent she can until the horse either drops dead or gets claimed.
    She’s 3rd in line when it comes to claiming racehorses this year in North America with Mike Maker and Steve Asmussen before her.
    Here is just a small sample of some of the racehorses that she’s claimed since January 2022.
    BRONX BOMBER 6 y.o gelding made over $334,147.
    BETSY BLUE 4 y.o. filly who made a ton of money since running as a 2 y.o. stakes winner $314,660.
    FOXTRAIL 8 y.o. mare made over $343,616.
    DOUBLE SHOT 5 y.o gelding made $160,385.
    BARISTA VIXEN 5 y.o mare made $130,708
    MI TRES POR CIENTO (brought this 7 y.o gelding thousands of miles from Chile) made $262,370
    These are the “walking dead,” racehorses who have given this industry and people like her their all only to get completely exploited, shafted, denied and betrayed a soft landing that they all deserve.
    As long as their are parasites like Ms. Rice around this will keep going every single damn day.

    • Horseracing itself has a long history of corruption. Linda Rice is just one of the people that exploit horses that stands out by name recognition. There are so many people in racing who don’t have name recognition except maybe in their own smaller circle of friends and family, such as the equicidal incident in Ohio where 5 (five) Standardbred harness horses were injured and three of those injured horses were killed.

      • She sure as hell stands out as a serial doping violator, racehorse killer and involved with deep corruption right into the racing office.
        She finds the money to pump up her fake lips, all made off the bones, backs and racehorses, and to drive brand new $60,000 cars, but she doesn’t have one iota of compassion or remorse when many of her racehorses get mangled or die under her care, custody and control.
        She is a serial claimer and claims much more racehorses than most trainers in this business.
        Her entire pattern, over years, has been to claim older racehorses and grind them into the ground until they either drop dead or get claimed. (CHRIS AND DAVE who she claimed and then just got claimed again)
        She has NEVER, according to people who’ve worked for he, has EVER given ONE of her claiming racehorses a home, a soft landing, a grassy paddock or anything resembling one ounce of compassion.
        She needs to go out and buy her own horse trailer, and take care of some of those racehorses she exploits, but that’s not her plan.
        Like anybody in this business, who claims racehorses, her sole purpose is to exploit to the max and watch them suffer and die.
        Mangle and kill one – claim another to fill that stall – a never ending turn style at the expense of racehorses all condoned, supported and enabled by every apologist in this business.
        She deserves her name and she certainly stands out because she stands in about 3rd place over ALL trainers in North America for claiming the most racehorses many of whom disappear from her racing stable.
        Her “name” is due to her own fault, nobody else’s and she’s a grown adult making decisions for herself so she deserves this name based on her operating procedures and she sure stands out as a true parasite.

        • Right, Gina. I was going to say that Linda Rice is a “poster child” for the reasons why horseracing should be terminated from all Corporate Welfare to the horse racing industry and why all abuses of racehorses should be made punishable by law. I mean real punishment, not a slap on the wrist and all the phony crap that is going on now and has been for a long, long time.
          It appears evident and clear that Linda Rice thinks the same way that the majority of racing creeps think and that is that the horses are referred to as “INVENTORY” to fill out the race cards and provide the most “betting opportunities” for the gamblers to place bets on.
          Money-grubbing thugs just gotta have that GOVERNMENT GRAVY TRAIN to keep on rolling in with all of that CORPORATE WELFARE to keep on abusing horses for racing and wagering and get away with it.

          • Her name and the trainer’s name is on Medina Spirit’s gravestone. He was buried on his bday. I bet they didn’t spend one dime of their $$$ on the memorial or show up.

            • Thank you, Nancy. I found the picture online of the headstone for MEDINA SPIRIT.
              Breeder: Gail Rice; she is not related to Linda Rice by blood, but by marriage to Wayne Rice. I had to Google it.

  5. Also, I know of a situation where Rice entered a horse in a $16, 000 claiming race at Belmont. She was competing with Pletcher for “most wins” at the time.
    The horse won by 12 lengths, clearly racing below his class. Rice had her win, as she anticipated, and the horse was claimed by Chatterpaul at a bargain price.
    The owner was furious and pulled his other horses but took no further action.

    • Rose Smith, thanks for sharing this information. It clarifies the vanity of Linda Rice, in my opinion. The fact that she wanted to “win” more races was certainly a huge part of her paying cash in envelopes under the table to certain people for certain bits of inside information. She used this type of “insider trading” tactic, if you will, to get more wins, as I am sure you know. Her vanity, not to mention the vanity of thousands of other people, costs the lives of horses, as many people also know. This selfish and sadistic behavior is the kind of moral depravity that defines the horseracing industry. This is one major reason why it cannot be reformed. As long as there are people who are willing to overlook this unacceptable fact of this industry, horses will continue to be deplorably used and abused and routinely tortured and doped and dumped and killed. Sentient beings exploited for the vanity of “winning” a race and discarded when no longer useful; this is not reformable.

  6. I’m no fan of Bob Baffert’s and so unfortunate that it took so long to bring him to justice at the expense of so many racehorses including MEDINA SPIRIT and WHATASONG.
    That said, there’s a double standard in this industry.
    This deeply corrupt business can’t even apply rules, regulations and suspensions properly with 90% of trainers bearing the brunt of cheating while about 10% are immune because they have direct connections to the Racing Commissioners in most cases.
    Anyways, there’s Linda Rice who has committed serious violations including corruption, not unlike BB, and there she is – still training, racing and killing.
    It seems to me that she should be suspended, her racing stable stripped of all signage like Baffert’s and keep her away from racehorses because FIVE ALARM ROBIN would probably be alive instead of killed under this parasitic asp.
    This is one of many reasons why the taxpayer-funded subsidies need to END because they keep these racehorse abusers and killers going and they also ensure that racehorses are exploited to the max.

    • Exactly, Gina. What the hell happened to that SUSPENSION Linda Rice was supposed to serve?

    • I agree, Gina and Bonnie. It’s all about “racetrack welfare” when it comes to this industry and their phony-baloney Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority. Horses are just “inventory” to these people/creeps. Isn’t it everybody’s dream to be thought of as a “tool”?
      What “Royal” treatment…. Needless to say, it pisses me off!!!!!

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