One 2-Year-Old’s Horrific Death

I have been able to confirm (Kentucky Racing Commission) the following for Powerful Force January 2 at Keeneland: “Powerful Force was working a half-mile when he stumbled and fell – [multiple] open, comminuted fractures; large laceration; ruptured ligament – removed from track and euthanized.” How unconscionable that he wasn’t euthanized right then and there. The report also notes that Powerful suffered from “severe stomach ulceration and gastritis.” He was just two years old.


  1. “Removed from track” How telling as to the philosophy of the KRC thinking towards the horses for so called ” Horse capital of the USA.” Removal of poor suffering horse with out properly being euthanized is barbaric!

  2. Is this what they call “Royal treatment” for “blue bloods” in Kentucky???

  3. Oh, look, everyone: Another typically-timely death admission from the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission.
    Let’s see. It probably took about one minute for the massive barbiturate overdose to work its powerful force on poor Powerful Force’s heart. But the KHRC doesn’t dare admit his killing until…now?? (Seems like the, ahem, powerful forces in KY racing almost always take upwards of three months to publicly divulge each racehorse death — if they divulge them at all.)
    So let’s give ’em a big round of applause for their super-speedy so-called transparency.
    After all, they’ve admitted a Training Fatality(!). And those don’t even count as “real” deaths in the wonderful world of horse racing. Right, Jockey Clubbers?

  4. They will receive their punishment. I know that no one gets away with this kind of horrific abuse and walks away. Time will tell.

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