NYRA Kills Two More – “Collapsed Fatally” at Aqueduct, “Euthanized on Track” at Belmont

In the 1st at Aqueduct this afternoon, Cazilda Fortytales “faltered badly, then collapsed fatally.” She was just five years old. This is Aqueduct’s second racing kill in as many days. Earlier in the NYRA day, Noble Thought went down training at Belmont – “euthanized on track.” He was nine and was being readied for his 51st race. Squeeze every last dime.

New York has now admitted to 20 kills this year:

Viking Zim, Jan 2, Belmont
Dunph, Jan 5, Belmont
Cara’s Daydreamer, Jan 8, Aqueduct
Obsessed, Jan 8, Aqueduct
Winetastic, Jan 20, Aqueduct
Devils Dare, Jan 21, Belmont
Derby Kisses, Jan 25, Belmont
Minit Maus, Feb 1, Belmont
Convert Dinario N, Feb 9, Saratoga Harness
Pepe’s Pride, Feb 15, Belmont
Dazzle Time, Feb 18, Belmont
Elegant Son, Feb 20, Saratoga Harness
Happy Medium, Feb 24, Belmont
Johnny Fontaine, Feb 26, Aqueduct
Geno, Feb 26, Belmont
Herecomesangelina, Mar 14, Belmont
Steadfast Love, Mar 22, Belmont
A Colt Named Susie, Mar 25, Aqueduct
Cazilda Fortytales, Mar 26, Aqueduct
Noble Thought, Mar 26, Belmont

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    • Nancy, as far as the NYRA people are concerned the light is money; you know, dollar signs in their eyes. Every race horse is a gambling chip to be exploited for every last Pari-Mutuel wagering handle revenue dollar/dime they can get. They are ruthless, horse-abusing liars saying that they create so many jobs and in actuality take more money from the State of New York than they give back. That’s the way the NYRA will always be in their Modus Operandi. We activists must outnumber the horse-killing, narcissistic stakeholders.

  1. Clean up corruption in our government and horseracing with soon be buried in dust.

  2. Re very recent article by a David Fuscus in the Paulick Report.
    It appears that the facts published by Patrick Battuello since the year 2014 to date in relation to the cruelty inflicted upon racehorses in the USA resulting in their deaths is regarded by this one David Fuscus as some sort of distorted emotional opinion?
    Folks, go to the the Paulick Report and read what Fuscus alleges.
    The 2,000 deaths of USA racehorses per annum is a fact based upon documented and publicly available evidence. Given my research, which includes a study with Sydney University on racehorse deaths in my home state of NSW over a 5 year period, I can tell you that many more horses than the 2,000 referred to by Patrick Battuello meet their deaths which are not disclosed. And the deaths i personally had evidence of in NSW could not be included in the study i co-authored because the relevant racing authority had not disclosed them. And there were many.

    Needless to say, the global horseracing industry is not forthcoming in disclosing all the deaths of its ‘much loved’ horses. And we know why.

    In relation to two (2) year old racing, Sydney University published a study on this immediately prior to one of our big prize money breeders’ race, the Sydney Golden Slipper for 2 year olds. Such study with Dr Natasha Hamilton as one of the authors mentioned that as the horses were so very young one should proceed with caution. Well I can tell you that I’ve witnessed and also been informed by reliable sources of far too many yearlings who go into training at 13+ months of age, who suffer injury and are then disposed of and of course some suffer catastrophic limb injuries in training and euthanased – some not yet given a name to race.
    With all due respect to Dr Tim Parkin with his qualifications, I have to say that one cannot ignore the fact that he has been for many years and continues to be closely associated with The Jockey Club of the USA and it appears that he supports horseracing. And he would be fully aware of the life of the racehorse.
    Perhaps i should mention that I come from a racing family going back to the 1800s. A family of racehorses owners, trainers, jockeys, trackwork riders, a respected thoroughbred pedigree consultant and my father created the very first helmet for the Australian jockey when one of the jockeys died from head injuries in a fall. I took on work with racehorse trainers when it was reported that some of the family’s racehorses were being badly treated. And i then saw what really goes on with the horses and my days of loving to go to the races came to an end, forever.

    • Carolyn, I read that article a few days ago also. It made me eye roll.
      What I find ironically funny is that it came a day or 2 after Mr. Paulick posed the question on twitter about how people feel about the future of racing. Last I looked he had 47 responses, with the majority telling him they were done and stepping away from racing, though mostly due to the corruption and drugging.
      There’s an very ungrammatical pro racing goofball named Frank Morgan who keeps posting on Joy Aten’s twitter page touting how handles are up and racing is healthier and better than ever. Least those are the comments I can read, as he is essentially illiterate and just babbles. What he doesn’t realize is that foal crops are at their lowest, there are less racing days, last year racing was essentially shut down, purses are increasing to stupid proportions, which then requires more money to support, sports betting is getting approved in more and more states (which someone told me would make him want to bet on ANYTHING besides racing as he has no patience to handicap and wait for results). the typical pro racing supporter is an aging population (as Gina just reported on Mrs. Ambercrombie), it’s not an attractive choice for most young people, and the work is really hard compared to the reward. Not to mention, now inflation is going to drive the cost of feed, hay, vet care, and shipping, up. Most of the handle currently is coming from offshore, out of country sources, through internet betting. Even those that bet that route are starting to whine about increased take out.
      Patrick’s group is becoming more noticed, more visible, and more of a threat.
      Horse racing is imploding on itself, and that author on paulick needed a scapegoat. He picked Patrick. It won’t help his cause.

  3. The horrific suffering and abuse of NOBLE THOUGHT (NT)
    He was considered a “blue blood” by horse racing standards and was bred on one of the richest farms in Kentucky – Pin Oak Stud.
    Like most racehorse industry myths being a “blue blood” bred on an opulent farm somehow insulates them from harm.
    Nothing could be further from the truth as you will see with this one example alone full of suffering and misery.
    Like most, starts off in the upper levels of horse racing, Maiden Special Weight, at the ripe old age of 2 years old – a baby in diapers more or less.
    After making the bulk of his $529,799 for Pin Oak Stud at Woodbine with a hard core schedule for just a baby he’s no longer consistently performing at the upper levels (probably due to issues that are now becoming chronic) rendering him useless for a big breeding operation so it’s time to dump.
    There will be no van sent for him by Pin Oak Stud to bring him back home for a soft landing that he so deserves.
    So he’s moved about 2000 miles from Woodbine Canada to Fairgrounds in New Orleans for winter racing,
    No rest for NT who is now ripe for a life in the claiming ranks where the parasites come out of the woodwork to use, abuse and exploit him to the max.
    This abusive behavior is supported, promoted, enabled, and defended by everybody in horse racing.
    01/01/2019 Fairgrounds. CLAIMED by Trainer Brad Cox and owner Steve Landers Racing.
    01/25/2019 Fairgrounds. CLAIMED by Trainer Gregory Foley for Owners Mayo, Tom & Exelby Tagg Team.
    03/15/2019 Fairgrounds. CLAIMED by Michael Maker for owners Three Diamonds Farm.
    06/25/2020 Is moved about 2000 miles back up to Belmont Park for summer racing with no rest nor any end in sight to his ongoing abuse. CLAIMED by Trainer Mertkahm Kantamaci for America’s Pastime Stables.
    07/19/2020 Moved up the street from Belmont Park to Saratoga for summer racing. CLAIMED by David A. Caninizzo for owners Flying P Stable
    8/22/2020 Saratoga. DNF. He was unable to finish the race on his own volition was “eased” and walked off. Now to most normal people they would know that this racehorse was crying out for help – help that never came.
    10/4/2020. Moved from Sarataga to Belmont for winter racing. There will be no rest for NT. CLAIMED by Robert N Falcone Jr. for owner Beast Mode Racing LLC.
    Moved up the street from Belmont to Aqueduct for spring racing, again, no rest for NT, but just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse – it does.
    04/10/2021 CLAIMED by notorious racehorse abuser and killer Rudy Rodriquez for owner Andrew Gurdon. One can only imagine the needles plunged into his veins, muscles and joints in this barn let alone before and since the vet treatment records don’t follow the racehorse we will never know just how extensive the abuse was.
    After Rudy Rodriquez is finally brought to justice many of his racehorses gets moved to his brother Gustavo Rodriquez and NOBLE THOUGHT is one of them where he runs under his brother on 01/01/2022
    02/5/2022 NT’s last official race at Aqueduct then he drops dead in the dirt during training a short time later.
    A couple of things to note: PIN OAK STUD is owned by female matriarch, Josephine Ambercrombie, heiress to her family’s oil fortunes that provided the never ending cash flow to run such a large scale breeding operation.
    She was one of the most prolific breeders in Kentucky over the past 6 years breeding thousands of racehorses, selling, racing and dumping them like all breeders do.
    So although racehorse gamblers are predominantly male most active breeding farms in Kentucky are owned and operated by females who are just as culpable in racehorses dying because they supply the exploiters.
    In fact, hand them over on a silver platter while they watch their racehorse get abused like this and do nothing.
    Ms. Ambercrombie passed away on January 5, 2022 and her 2 sons have no interest in carrying on the horse racing business – progress.
    They’ve recently announced that all broodmares and remaining horses will be dispersed on September 12 with the sale of the property most likely to follow,
    The decision by her sons not to carry on the family “tradition” is more common than not because the younger generation wants nothing to do with horse racing and for those who do there isn’t enough to replace the aging demographics.
    Shuttering a major breeding operation like Pin Oak Stud will translate to hundreds of racehorses not being bred for exploitation like NOBLE THOUGHT, but one thing to keep in mind.
    The dwindling foal crops will translate to more stress on the existing active racehorse population, but it’s hard to imagine how anything could be any worse than what’s going on now.
    While I was perusing the races where NOBLE THOUGHT was racing I would come across racehorses in the same situation and it’s heartbreaking what this business does to racehorses.
    For example, in one race there were several claims and one was TWISTED TOM and like NOBLE THOUGHT the extent of the abuse knows no bounds.
    TT has made over $939,135 and is being bought and sold like chattel.
    There’s never enough money that these racehorses can make to secure a safe retirement, instead, a life of exploitation, suffering and abuse is a foregone conclusion in most cases.

    • Thank you,Gina, for your post.
      So many of the broodmares and horses to be dispersed in September will not wind up in a good place. These living beings are treated like inanimate objects.
      There is nothing good about this callous gambling business from start to finish. These horses suffer in their few years of life and then the slaughter pipeline awaits so many of the survivors.

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