Another Kill at Mahoning

Ruby Jane in the 8th at Mahoning yesterday afternoon: “hopped missing the break, rushing to regroup took a bad step on the turn pulling up, was euthanized on the track.” She was two years old; ’twas her sixth time under the whip. She was also sold (by Gerald Erfle) for $6,500 just prior to dying.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Quite the history on this unfortunate soul- she was sold cheaply at auction TWICE, so if I’m correct, changed hands at least 4 times in her short life, and would have again yesterday, as she was claimed.
    And in one of the races she won, she also tested positive for a drug overage, and was disqualified. All under the age of 3. RIP poor babe.

    • In the only race she won, every horse entered had some kind of medication in them! All had lasix used. She was the only one who did not have Bute. All the drugs & abuse is 1 reason we left the race track in 2005. Absolutely overjoyed when ever we view Google maps & see the old 1 mile track , Portland Meadows, now redeveloped as Amazon warehouses & fulfillment center! We don`t even buy anything from Amazon! We have read that Santa Anita`s land is becoming to valuable to be used as a race track & in future will be developed out as well.

      • Fred and Joan, any word about the Delmar track at all? Talk about prime real estate. Ocean view gorgeous neighborhood,etc

        • Marie, it is possible that horses can have certain drugs in their system on race day but at a lower level than would cause a disqualification, isn’t it? I’m not well-versed on all of the drug rules when it gets down to the nitty gritty.

          • Yes, Wanda. I haven’t looked at what she tested positive for, it may have been a legal race day drug, just an overage of it. Or it may have been an illegal drug. As we saw with Medina Spirit, it could also have been miscalculations of withdrawal times.

      • I don’t use Amazon either!
        The land (S. Anita) is already extremely valuable! Some estimates go to $500M.
        The issue/ problem is getting the owner(s) to sell.

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