Two Kills at Los Alamitos

The CHRB has posted a pair of kills at Los Alamitos over the weekend: 3-year-old Fastidious in the 7th race Saturday; 4-year-old Stolen Lives in the 9th race yesterday. No other details were disclosed.

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  1. Stolen Lives? Could the baby-horse-killers at Los Al Horse Hell have come up with a more perfect name for one of their victims?
    On second thought, give ’em time; I’m sure they will.

  2. I wondered about Fastidious after I read her chart. With the description that she “locked up”, I didn’t think she would have a good outcome. How horrible that must have looked, but I’m sure the gamblers didn’t care.

  3. “Stolen Lives” and “Mox Nix” ( a version of a German phrase meaning it doesn’t matter – it is not important) – both horses were killed, their lives stolen and they did not matter, they were unimportant.
    Racing in a nutshell!!

  4. Speaking of the callous attitude and language of “men” who were considered to be horsemen by their peers, the term that some “horse trainers” used in referring to the horse they were working with was ‘”that sucker” and this was published in the magazine at the time. I believe it was “The Western Horseman” magazine but it could have been a different one. This was regarding the “training” of Western riding horses and most likely for reining, roping or cutting events. It’s still repulsive and disrespectful and yet the magazines usually only write and publish articles about high profile “professionals” in their respective events. Also, these horses were AQHA registered Quarter Horses that could have reproduced many more horses that would not be champions and/or be injured and lame and sent to the slaughterhouse. This was back in the 1960s/70s so they would have had a relatively short ride to that nightmare end for horses.

  5. The AQHA has always been in favor of overbreeding and slaughter. The millions of American Quarter horses slaughtered over the years is outrageous. Shame on that organization for viewing these sentient beings as inanimate objects to be dumped in slaughterhouses without regard for the sheer terror and unimaginable suffering they are forced to endure. Meanwhile, the AQHA wields its power while raking in money from registrations and other sources. As usual with horses, (Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, and other breeds) it is all about MONEY and EGO for these people…. despicable!

    • Exactly, Rose. It stands out in my memory when reading the October Annual All-Breed issues of “The Western Horseman” Magazine in the ’60s and ’70s about the AQHA and the number of registrations of Quarter Horse foals for the year that the number was always way more than any other breed of horse they reported on. I don’t have an exact figure, but it seems like it was six-digits. I haven’t looked it up online to check, but it seems like it was over 100,000 new registrations per year back then. I could be wrong but it was a lot.
      At some point, the magazine changed a lot in certain ways. I don’t know the whole story behind this, but they stopped reporting on ALL breeds and reduced it down to Quarter Horses registered by the American Quarter Horse Association, Paints registered by the American Paint Horse Association, and Appaloosas registered by the Appaloosa Horse Club. The American Quarter Horse was portrayed and promoted as the most popular breed of horse. Both breeds of Paints and Appaloosas were mixed with AQHA and Jockey Club sires and dams. One of the most important and well-known sires of AQHA registered horses was THREE BARS, a Jockey Club registered Thoroughbred. Racing is huge in all of this.

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