Dr. Grant, Two, Killed at Charles Town

The 2nd at Charles Town last night: “Dr. Grant exchanged contact with Red Mesa leaving the gate…started a bid toward the three eighths pole but was fatally injured nearing the quarter pole and had to be euthanized on the track.” Dr. Grant was two years old – but this was already his 11th time under the whip. Also, he finished last in each of his last three completed races (Jan 30, Feb 27, Mar 5) – a combined 75+ lengths back. His exploiter/abuser, owner/trainer Andres Garibay.

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  1. Not only can horses be killed in this vile, man-made disaster called horseracing by Grade One and Two level trainers, they can also be killed by “no name” trainers such as this person that I never heard of until now; Andres Garibay. Charles Town Races should be shut down just as all horseracing should be shut down.
    This CRUELTY to horses is evil and must be recognized by law as the Felony Animal Cruelty that it is. These people are exploiting the natural instinct of horses to survive. As many people know, horses have a natural survival instinct called “fight or flight” which these vile abusers of horses take advantage of! This group of horse-abusing psychopaths at Charles Town Races took advantage of the fact that the horse runs away from danger to survive a predator. These horse-abusing people are predators! These money-grubbing psychopaths deliberately cause the horses to NOT survive.
    They should be arrested for FELONY ANIMAL CRUELTY.

  2. Just 2-years-old and forced to run ELEVEN races!!! All of horse-racing is afflicted with cognitive dissonance. No one in his/her right mind could look at horse-racing as a whole and come away believing it is still a great sport and form of entertainment. Please God, hear our prayers and help us end this systematic slaughter

  3. Ladypurr9, Superlative approach to ending the vicious crimes against thoroughbreds. Only God can remove evil and make saints out of sinners.

  4. Another baby that was tortured to perform for the 2year olds in training sales. Watching the video of his run- this poor babe was flogged pretty soundly in the beginning.
    He’s another one that can sadly be at peace now.

  5. TWO YEARS OLD in his 11th race. Give me a whip and introduce me to his owner, trainer and jockey. Do they have any idea that they cant hide this blatant abuse from the big guy upstaires. I would NOT want to be them on judgement day.
    Shame on all of you.

  6. Given the January 1 birthday for Thoroughbreds, one only wonders if this poor horse was actually 2 years old.
    Regardless, 11 races at this young age is animal cruelty, plain and simple. A very harsh letter to someone in WVA seems necessary (Racing Commission,Stewards,Governor, or a newspaper). Any ideas from anyone as to whom ?

    • This two-year-old was running as a three-year-old due to the “universal birthday” for racehorses. On the Equibase horse profile for DR. GRANT, it shows that he was a New York bred Colt born on May 17, 2019.

    • In my opinion, and I believe many would agree, this two-year-old Colt, DR. GRANT, (born May 7, 2019), who was raced as a two-year-old in 2021 and was being raced as a 3-year-old in 2022 was a victim of EXCEPTIONAL ABUSE.
      DR. GRANT was abused beyond SEVERE and worse than EXTREME to the point of EXCEPTIONAL (meaning he could not have been abused much worse by his racing industry connections). I use the term “exceptional” because it also applies to the measurements of degrees of drought. The driest of dry is categorized as Exceptional drought.

      My feeling is that the WV BOARD OF VETERINARY MEDICINE has been given a “black eye” of sorts, for a lack of a better choice of words/terms. I believe that the WV (State) Board of Veterinary Medicine should do an honest and thorough investigation into the ongoing ABUSE and the consequential FATAL INJURY/ INJURIES of DR. GRANT, a Thoroughbred colt, (as well as the hundreds of other victimized and deceased racehorses in West Virginia) during his time in the State of West Virginia, especially regarding the fatal race on March 18, 2022 at Charles Town Races.
      (WV Board of Veterinary Medicine, 5509 Big Tyler Rd, Ste 3, Cross Lanes, WV 25313; phone: 304-776-8032)

  7. Andres Garibay ran this young colt to death and racing facilitated the killing every step of the way..
    One can only imagine the toll exacted on such an underdeveloped body and mind being trailered between Delaware Park, laurel Park and Charles Town while starting 11 times in 5 1/2 months with some races just 7 to 11 days apart.
    A short sad life ended at night in the dirt at Charles Town, AKA “the bullring”,
    He never had a chance…

    • Rose, do you think that there is any possibility of getting someone outside of the racing community at Charles Town Races to investigate any possible violations of the “rules and regulations of horseracing” such as they are? Isn’t there a possibility that the veterinarians involved broke the rules of the West Virginia Board of Veterinary Medicine?

      • Patrick could answer your question .
        We do know there are no rules to prevent overworking horses, regardless of age.
        Looks like he should have been on the vet list based on his PPs. But he was raced at 3 different tracks. On 27 Feb he was “eased late” finishing 38 lengths off the winner at Laurel in MD and then finishes last at Charles Town in WV on 5 March 12 days before he was killed there.

        • It’s insane that any of the Veterinarians with the responsibility of scratching horses would allow this colt, DR. GRANT, to be raced so many times in such a short period of time!
          First of all, racing 2 year olds is wrong, but there’s no common sense involved here. I mean common sense would dictate that if your horse is not able to keep up with the other horses, the Veterinarian with the authority to scratch horses should not pass such a horse to race. It is common sense and common logic to deduce that something is amiss with a horse that runs so far back in the race. It is also common sense and common logic that any horse needs a rest. He was raced SIX TIMES in 2021 starting on September 29, 2021 at Delaware Park. He was then raced FIVE TIMES in 2022; January, February and March. It seems to me like this is a case of where the horse was being injured from training and racing, plus being trafficked to different geographical locations, and DOPED/ DRUGGED/ MEDICATED to cover up the PAIN of his injuries in order to run in a race to collect the fractional portion of the purse money. Also, Laurel Park and Charles Town Races accepting this Colt as one of the many gambling chips for their wagering handle revenue knowing that this Colt is about to have a fatal breakdown is MORALLY DEPRAVED besides FELONY ANIMAL CRUELTY. I’m saying the people in charge of this horse breaking down on a race track knew, because it is too obvious. They make me sick. These people who are abusing horses definitely have something inside of them that is very amiss… The owner/trainer should be punished by law. This CRUELTY is premeditated inhumane treatment of horses.

          • He was raced TWO TIMES at Delaware Park and then to Laurel Park and Charles Town for a total of SIX TIMES in 2021. What a freaking nightmare for DR. GRANT!!!
            He must have had ulcers. He was put under so much stress!!!

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