2-Year-Old Filly Collapses and Dies at Belmont

Monday at Belmont, the Gaming Commission reports, Herecomesangelina “collapsed and died while galloping on [the] training track.” She was two years old, a baby – just keeled over and died.

This is horseracing.


  1. The day a HUMAN breaks a neck or dies in a fall, maybe then someone will take notice.

    • In horseracing, where the human beings that participate in this egregious cruelty against horses do so for literally millions of dollars in the wagering handle revenue alone AND the millions and billions of dollars they drain from the state government (and society) to keep this horse abuse and killing show propped up, one human being that is/was/has been killed will get at least one hour of attention by their “racing industry family” and in some cases, they might observe the passing of a fallen jockey for one whole day. Right, I said “might” because that’s how these horse-abusing, horse-killing, psychopathic, narcissistic, money-grubbing, power hungry, ego-tripping professional liars roll.

  2. I believe Rudy Rodriguez is the poster child for NY horse killing, even though he faces some stiff competition for the title — Persaud, Rice, Pletcher, Vazquez, Gargan, Potts, the Engleharts, and on and on…
    But we’ll never hear him acknowledge his long list of victims. (He’s too busy snatching up new ones to concern himself with those who don’t survive his “training.”

  3. So Sad! It is so strange how most people in the racing industry thinks that it is normal for a 2 year old horse to just up an die. Horses that are well taken care of live in their 30’s and that is not unusual. Stop Horse Racing!

  4. All these horses dropping dead on the track, past the wire, in their stalls and everywhere else is inexplicable.
    There is no investigation because nobody gives a damn…just one more dead horse!! And, of course, racing conducts its own investigations which is the quintessential conflict of interest!
    Racing operates outside the law, essentially. What Navarro and Servis, et al, were doing is in no way the exception. They just got too careless, too big and too brazen to be ignored any longer.

    • You absolutely nailed it Rose. And that’s why most people suck. They don’t care about anything.

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