Stealth Fighter Confirmed Dead at Oaklawn

Stealth Fighter was a “clipped heels, vanned off” in the 6th at Oaklawn March 4; according to two sources, the 2-year-old colt was euthanized the following day.

This is horseracing.

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  1. This abuse of an immature and underdeveloped two-year-old colt should be punished by law. All horseracing should be against the law because it is all abuse. If the racing people had any empathy for the horses, they would not be doing this. They would stop this abuse and torture of horses.
    Anyone who owns and trains horses should know that horses don’t mature until the age of SIX (OR SEVEN) YEARS OF AGE. A 2-year-old colt is one-third of the way to maturity. This abuse and killing of horses needs to be against the law!!! It is absolutely unnecessary and insanely barbaric! It is inhumane!!!!
    Horseracing is Animal Cruelty!!!!

  2. Yes, Stealth Fighter was killed the day after he broke down at super-transparent Oaklawn. But, to the highly-journalistic racing press, his death wasn’t worthy of note. What WAS considered big news, however, was his jock’s boo-boo — a dislocated shoulder, apparently.
    DRF’s Mary Rampellini — as secretive as any of the “men” at her trade rag when it comes to covering (up) horse kills — thought it would be a brilliant idea to post an “update” of the jockey’s condition on Twitter. Not word one about the mortally injured horse, Stealth Fighter, of course. Not even his name. Just poor, poor Walter the Horse Whipper, who was, and I quote: “THROWN FROM HIS MOUNT…”
    Well, thank goodness for the true “journalists” in the racing press. (Bravo, Mary. You show those guys that we women can be every bit as devious and insensitive about these horse-killing matters as they can.)

  3. The barbaric Cheltenham festival is approacing its end today. As of short while ago, 3 horses have now met a bitter end during this week of fun and games and betting. The festival also features the “hurdles” with running miles before the final finish. Another form of entertainment better served as a form of abuse and tragedy.

  4. That race in England where I think 2 more might’ve died …. they were forcing mares to run close to 4 miles while jumping over I think they said 42 fences. Let that sink in.

    • Nancy & Bonnie, I’ve read that jumps races are sometimes run on a course of two or three miles. This other place online says certain races over jumps have been for a distance of 4 miles. This outrageous abuse of horses is beyond horrible!
      The people that do this to horses should be in jail…!!! The consequences of this human inflicted moral depravity against horses must be punishable by law! The people involved in this abuse of horses should be locked up!
      Set the horses free from this abuse and torture!!!!!
      This CRUELTY is not an afternoon trail ride with an occasional obstacle. This CRUELTY is premeditated inhumane treatment of horses!!!!

      • Wanda, it took 7 minutes during one race and some ungodly amount of jumps to go over then it’s up and down hills and when it’s raining in the UK the ground is softer. So you can imagine a 1000 lb plus horse jumping over 4 or 5 feet in the air and landing on front two feet first. They also run multi numbers for one race so if someone falls in front of you and you’re midair theres no where to go except down.

        • Right, Nancy. When something is relatively obvious, I always say “it’s not rocket science!” It is not that hard to figure out what a freaking disaster steeplechase (or flat track) racing is. What can happen and what will happen is only logical! It is so insane and insanely barbaric!
          If there were approximately 40 horses in any one of the jumps races, it is only logical that there will be more horses getting “in each other’s way” and this is what they call “exciting to watch” on the internet. They try to pass this off as a good thing by saying that they raise money for charities with these steeplechase races.
          Who would want money from a so-called fundraising event, if you knew that the horses were treated like freaking machines similar to 4-wheel-drive motor vehicles???

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