“Ran Through Fence, Sudden Death” at Turfway

According to the chartwriter, Creative Courage was “vanned off” after the 3rd at Turfway Feb 18. In fact, the 7-year-old never made it off the track alive. From the Steward’s Report: “Creative Courage was trailing the field and was nearing the 1/4 pole when it appeared that the rider was unable to control him and he ran through the outside fence; it was later reported that the horse had appeared to suffer a sudden death.” This was Creative’s 35th time under the whip.

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  1. Imagine the fear and hopelessness of a horse beaten till they finally run through the fence. This is not normal behavior. I have seen them jump fences and open gates. I have seen them lean on a corner post till it came down but in my 70 years I have never seen one run through a fence. How very sad is this

  2. Turfway Park has no turf course and is one of 62 equine torture chambers in North America where gamblers can place bets on horses. What a despicable waste!!! No horse deserves to be locked up in a stall for 23 hours a day and forced to run at top speed on a track so some demented people can get their kicks. Shut Turfway down!

  3. This was an act of extreme desperation to escape – horses have a very strong sense of self preservation and would not normally wantonly plow through a fence at speed. Just like when they flip over backwards, it is an action of last resort when they feel they have no other alternative to escape.

    • In “organized” horseracing, either way is a death trap for the horses. When horses run, it’s because they are doing what their survival instincts tell them to do. This industry must be recognized by law as the vile abuse of horses that it is for taking unfair and abusive advantage of the horses.
      It would not surprise me if the jockey shocked the horse with an illegal handheld shocking device to try to get him to run faster. It also would not surprise me if the trainer had administered some illegal dope to CREATIVE COURAGE. In fact, it would surprise me if the trainer had not administered illegal dope to the horse!

  4. When horses try to escape by plowing through a fence, they are desparately crying for freedom. It is time to stop the racing of horses.

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