Awesome Remix Killed at Gulfstream; 4-Year-Old “Bleeding Through Stretch” at Turfway

The 2nd at Gulfstream yesterday was Awesome Remix’s first ever race – it was also his last. Says the chart: “Awesome Remix was on the lead approaching the first turn when he suffered a catastrophic injury and fell, and was euthanized.” “And was euthanized.” Awesome was four years old. In addition, the chart notes, Tolkien “fell over foe”; while it says he was “escorted off,” I will of course pursue a more definitive status (could be simply that the ambulance, for obvious reasons, wasn’t available).

One other note from yesterday: In the 6th race at Turfway, says the chartwriter, 4-year-old Go Manny Go “[was] hard used to keep up, gave way, and bled through the stretch, eventually being “vanned off.”

This is horseracing.

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  1. I saw the replay video of AWESOME REMIX running and his right leg broke. This moral depravity must be punishable by law.

    • I thank God I didn’t see it! Awesome Again,his sire is well … AWESOME. It was the poor baby’s first ever race and THAT gruesome absolute horror happens. Way to go racing creeps.

      • I wonder what they did with him and to him when he was a yearling and a two-year-old and a 3-year-old…? What were they doing to him for him to suffer a broken right front leg the first time he is in an “official” race at the age of 4-years-old?

        • They were probably frustrated that he couldn’t make it to the races til his 4 yr old year. What I want to know is …. did the vet have a thumb up their ass? This major issue should have been DETECTED!!!!!

  2. All these fatalities at Gulfstream Park’s stupid “Championship Meet” are proving to be quite, um, inconvenient for the creepy-as-hell Stronach Group, aren’t they? Gulfstream, along with its sister track, Laurel Park in Maryland, keeps on hosting breakdown after breakdown, all while trying to pretend their California killing venues — Santa Anita and Golden Gate — have all but stopped hosting horse fatalities altogether.
    So, what’s with you, Stronachs? Setting new death records by the day(!) on one coast, and all this sudden “safety” on the other? (You’d think by now you’d manage to convince us of your company-wide commitment to not killing off your “product.”)

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