NY Bill to Prohibit Transport to Slaughter

Introduced by Assemblymember Deborah Glick last year, NYS bill A5481 targets equine – all equines, not just racehorses – slaughter. The summary reads as follows:

“Prohibits any person from slaughtering a horse where such person knows or has reason to know that such horse will be used for human consumption; prohibits any person from possessing, importing into or exporting from the state, selling, buying, giving away, holding or accepting any horse with the intent of killing, or having another kill, such horse, if such person knows or should have known that any part of such horse will be used for human consumption; provides penalties for violation.”

NY is one of the nation’s major slaughter thoroughfares to Canada. Please consider calling Ms. Glick’s office to express support, but also to urge action: 518-455-4841.

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  1. The desire to ban the slaughter of horses is a basic wish of any decent human being.
    That in a nutshell is the problem, the people involved in the industry of horses are not humane humans, they are cold, calculating, greedy and without an ounce of empathy.
    To these wicked people the beautiful horse is nothing more than a commodity that is to be destroyed when it’s ability to earn its owners money.
    Like dogs, horses have an affinity with humans. The hundreds of years they have enjoyed our company have failed to teach them the evil side of some humans. So from the wickedness and cruelty of the industry of horse racing and it’s victims of broken limbs, ruptured lungs and arteries, to selling them off for animal and human consumption.
    Just as wicked is the method and practice of slaughter. Videos show horses being kicked and beaten and horses witnessing their in fellow horses grisly deaths. Because the practice is regarded as so unpleasant the majority of those involved in slaughter are poorly trained and supervised.
    Those who lead us, make laws for everyone should make it their priority to ensure that the business of organised cruelty and barbarity should be outlawed and replaced with respect for the lives of creatures unable to protect themselves.

    • I agree with you, Ray Winfield. Horses are considered livestock, therefore it seems to make it easier for law enforcement to look the other way on cruelty cases involving horses.
      If there is no order from the court to order the police or county law enforcement to pursue an illegal killing of a horse, they seem to think that horses are killed in slaughterhouses anyway, so why bother to do anything about it?
      Some people think that horses are going to waste if not slaughtered for their meat. It’s revolting, but that is the reality.

  2. You need to say who will enforce this law and what the monetary punishment will be per horse. If the fine is too low, it will just be written off as the price of doing business. I understand that this bill might be written to avoid certain committees. Still, without enforcement and high fines included in the bill, the bill as is, will be much less than it could be.

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    • Exactly. I wonder if this will cause more to get shipped off to Puerto Rico and other places, because by no means is PR the only hell hole. Here’s a better idea ….. let’s shut this corny unnecessary crap down period,and thrown into the dust pile of other evil bullshit people have done to animals.

  3. Now, we have to contact the state legislators of the New England states to prevent transport of equines through those states. Michigan has at least one kill auction, so will probably not want to go for banning transport via Detroit/Windsor. I’m hoping, that even if the price of gas goes down, transport through Upper Midwest and Western sites would be too expensive to even consider.

      • We knew of & know of 1 breeder who does just that! When a horse dies or becomes unsound they just have them shot & call a local large carnivore zoo & have the horse used for the feeding of their big cats. All of our horses when they die will & are buried on our property!

      • Not true. Any animal raised for meat is too expensive for most pet foods but if the label lists animals or animal by-products then it can contain the waste from the slaughterhouse. They don’t throw anything away.

        That misses my point though. Why would the bill not prohibit transport for slaughter instead of just slaughter for human consumption?

        • Alan, that’s a good question. It is written in such a simple way that I think it is a kind of baby step to set a precedent to address the multitude of other realities regarding this issue.

  4. Horse racing has always just been about using and then finding the most expeditious way of getting rid of the ones who aren’t regular consistent winners or placing horses . When the trainer sends them off to claiming races at certain tracks it’s for all intents and purposes to just dispose of them ….. not really any different than sending them to the kill pens.

  5. Just called to support Assembly member Deborah Glick last year, NYS bill A5481. Hope it passes and other states including PA need the same.

  6. PROTECT our HORSES — ENSURE they’re NEVER sent to slaughter — STOP the cruelty, depraved abuse, hate & murder of our Horses — we NEED our HORSES — let them live.

    • The whole concept of slaughtering horses should be ruled out totally,no questions asked.

      If racing continues for the foreseeable future, and regrettably it will, the method of stopping the pain and distress to a badly injured horse should be a painless and swift injection as you would use for a badly injured dog. THAT ASIDE, destruction should be the very last option, immediate treatment should be first, with retirement to follow.
      Regrettably the owners, track officials and the boards of racing are unwilling to spend some of their ill gotten gains on such humane actions. They are happy to have a poor horse already in pain and distress dragged from the track and shot.
      Quick and cheap, like all those in the Industry they call racing.

      • yes, Ray — you’re right – and, I want it all to change — I want this industry down and out — and I’ll keep sharing until it happens — I think it WILL shut down — the more people who relentlessly pursue the abusers and killers, the better – we must not let up.

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