Coverage of HW Protest at Laurel Park

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  1. God bless you all for doing this. The safety at the Maryland tracks has been absolutely HORRIFIC. No horse should die for this totally unnecessary bullshit. Jennifer, thank you so much for everything you do,and being a wonderful leader along with Patrick, and the whole leadership of this worthy,just cause of saving these spectacularly beautiful majestic horses. We are all in this together.

  2. You are all doing amazing work on behalf of racehorses.
    Peaceful demonstrations like this are the best way to get the attention that these horse deaths deserve.
    It was so inspiring to see this covered on news media.
    True to industry form “we are cooperating with the racing commission on the death.”
    Yeah right – we all know that these investigations lead to nowhere since most members on racing commissions OWN RACEHORSES are NOT NEUTRAL and place the wagering profits over the health and welfare of racehorses every single damn time while lining their own personal pockets on the lives of racehorses.
    Will be sending donation this week and wish I could send a whole lot more to support this worthy cause that I deeply believe in because I’m heartbroken over these deaths and I know it will only END when horse racing ENDS and when the subsidies END.
    Maryland taxpayers have handed over hundreds of millions to Frank Stronach’s former MAGNA ENTERTAINMENT GROUP for promises not kept.
    Elected Maryland politicians would have to be insane or completely unaccountable to their taxpayers and constituents to continue this scam.
    I’ve sent emails, letters and fax’s to all Maryland politicians and the only glimmer of hope right now is that in their recent meeting they’ve decided to put a HOLD on any further taxpayer support for 2 years.
    I can only hope that this HOLD is permanent and that all politicians across this country press the RESET button when it comes to the millions in subsidies to restructure our communities WITHOUT horse racing.

  3. Thank you for standing up for the enslaved horses. Exposing this vile industry is definitely getting attention. Time to shut down this bloodsport!

  4. I love hearing good news like this: about the protesters protesting, plus it was on the news! That’s really awesome!!!!! I am so thankful for everyone who was able to show up for the horses. I’m also very pleasantly surprised that CBS News Maryland reported on this!!!!!
    Go HW!

  5. Well timed post today, as most likely another horse died after the first race at Laurel.

    • Horse $ 7 Crying for More. And guess what?? He disappeared from the replay. 7 started 6 crossed the finish line. They also have a DNF in the lineup.

  6. We’ve uncovered the horrors to HORSES — we’re sharing with the world the truth behind the scenes — let’s SHUT DOWN this evil industry — FOREVER

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