Secret Prize Killed at Laurel

The 2nd at Laurel yesterday: “Secret Prize was under pressure trying to keep pace past the three eighths, began a retreat…was pulled up when sustaining an injury to her left front in deep stretch then was euthanized on the track.” And that’s that. Secret had just turned four; this was her seventh time under the whip.


  1. I have to stop reading your texts because they are so upsetting and I can’t fix this.

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  2. The ever-vigilant racing press offered their usual “coverage” of this Death Race at Laurel.

    DRF’s Dan Illman noted not a peep about the killing of Secret Prize. His focus, as per the official Horse Racing Media Death Spin Guidelines handbook, was on the REAL controversy — the lack of a head-on replay of the infinitely more meaningful event of that race: a DQ for impeding. He actually bemoaned Laurel’s unwillingness to show that view, even though it would have exposed poor Secret Prize’s hideous breakdown to the world.

    Because, you know, priorities: BETTING MONEY was at stake. So it required all the Journalistic Integrity he could manage to muster.

  3. “Under pressure TRYING to keep pace” is a very telling statement if you know how to read between the word play, as we all do. I’m willing to bet this poor filly “began a retreat” from this disgusting horror show long before it actually snuffed her life out in the dirt.

    • Kelly’s entry says it EXACTLY how it went down.Beating her to get back to the front before the finish. And where did this jockey come from anyway???

      • Nancy, Arnaldo Bocachica is a native of Puerto Rico. I never heard of him before but according to the racing press article (Paulick Report, December 2021) he is one of the “top” riders at Charles Town. Vomit-worthy is the best thing I can say about that.

        • I was being rude but ok top rider who I never heard of before. OK more power to you. Keep riding those horses to death pal.

          • He evidently fits right in there at vomit-worthy Charles Town. I can’t wait until this crap is not funded by government subsidies of any and all kinds anymore.

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