Yeah, They Covered This One (Guess Why)

As well documented here, the racing press reveals its bankruptcy each and every time a high-profile horse is felled. By only covering the “big” deaths, these apologists masquerading as journalists are clearly saying, we couldn’t care less about the hundreds and hundreds of pedestrian horses who are being killed each year. I say all this because this is how we first learned of the training death (“bad step”/broken leg) of Warren’s Showtime at Santa Anita yesterday. (Apparently, the “recordkeepers” at the CHRB take weekends off.) You see, Warren’s was one of those “stars” – multiple graded-stakes winner, $850K lifetime “earnings” – and so, the rags covered it.

The 5-year-old’s success (read: money), by the way, wholly explains the profound sadness of her people: Trainer Craig Lewis was variously described (BloodHorse, DRF) as “emotional,” “shaken,” “voice cracking.” Vile, to the core.

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  1. This kind of horse racing needs to stop! these poor young innocent animals are exploited and abused by being pushed beyond normal and natural capabilities. Drugged to numb the pain and their lungs busting beyond capacity they have no choice. They are Gods beautiful creatures and deserve better. Same for Greyhounds!

    • Bonny, the type of people who call this their “job” are in this non-sport gambling racket because they are LAZY. So …. I don’t see them suddenly shaking their SLOTH and becoming ambitious.

    • With all due respect; all horse racing needs to stop! In addition to the barbaric cruelty, the industry is rife with organized crime

  2. Horseracing is like smoking – there is not one good thing you can say about either one and both of them cause unnecessary death. The only difference is, people CHOOSE to be stupid enough to smoke. The horses have NO choice.

  3. The “trainer” of WARREN’S SHOWTIME, Craig Anthony Lewis, has a record on Equibase going back to 1978. That means this guy has a lot of experience at deliberately causing the pain and suffering of horses for racing and Pari-Mutuel wagering. What was the pivotal point at which he decided it was “okay” to race this beautiful Chestnut-colored mare again as opposed to starting her “second career” as a broodmare? Was he thinking “just one more race” and maybe she will get to One-Million Dollars in lifetime earnings as a gambling chip/ racehorse? Whatever his thinking was, he caused her death by being involved and having that kind of knowledge, experience and responsibility. Whether he admits responsibility, or not, is another matter. He is responsible for the pain, suffering and death of WARREN’S SHOWTIME even if he refuses to admit it and take responsibility. Of course, the owners have a huge responsibility as well. The whole racing industry is responsible for the daily routine abuse and exploitation of horses.

  4. Both the trainer and owners are greedy people deliberately ignored the health and welfare of WARREN’S SHOWTIME because this mare more than earned a soft landing.
    Like most parasites in this business they tell themselves “one more race,” “one more injection,” “one more time in the winners circle,” “one more buck,” because not even $843,041 is enough to take care of their horse.
    It’s NEVER enough, there is NEVER enough money that these racehorses can make to be taken care of in return.
    It’s just a never ending game of Russian Roulette and I can say with 100% certainty that this mare was being given injection after injection whether that’s into her joints, muscles and/or veins.
    Their SECRET VET TREATMENT records will cover the truth like a veil over their despicable faces.

  5. No animal should be abused by being forced beyond their capability-or comfort-in the name of sport, for the benefit of men with much money but sadly lacking in humanity and common sense. Enough lives have been lost-and how can whips come under the name of sport? It’s plain brutality-supported by brutes.

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