“Fatal Injury, Euthanized on Track” at Charles Town

Windsors Tail in the 8th at Charles Town last night: “entered the first turn in the five path, was taken up with a fatal injury and had to be euthanized on the track.” Windsors was just two years old, but this was already his sixth time under the whip.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Every time we read of these young 2 year olds being injured & then euthanized for this “crooked, crummy , gamboling game” it makes us so glad we walked away from this “Game ” in 2005! Here`s hoping today`s rapidly deteriorating economics of the racing industry lead to many more tracks closing & states governments realizing racing is a losing game in every respect.

  2. First of all, demanding that a TWO-YEAR-OLD colt or filly carry 100 pounds and more and run as fast as possible regardless of the high rate of injury that this EGREGIOUS CRUELTY WILL AND DOES cause inevitably is not horsemanship, it’s ABUSE AND NEGLECT of horses.
    Second, the fact that this young, underdeveloped TWO-YEAR-OLD was raced SIX TIMES is so wrong and is more ABUSE AND NEGLECT of the PROPER CARE of a horse.
    Third, the people that do this to horses belong in prison for FELONY ANIMAL CRUELTY.

  3. Much as I hate (fabulous, glamorous) Hollywood Racing in Charles Town, West Virginia, I gotta concede they don’t mess around with the benign-sounding V-word when they kill. All the other U.S. death tracks pretend they’re VANNING OFF their poor equine victims to their potential salvation, even those with the most hideous and unsurvivable injuries.
    Not Charles Town, though. They just kill ’em right there, skip the apologies, haul off their corpse(s), and immediately move on to the next Death Race.

    • So true! Looks like Rillito probably killed at least 2 in their opening day, and even though one was injured and fell, it was conveniently just “vanned off”.

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