Filly Hits Rail – But She Has No One to Blame But Herself

From the chart for the 3rd at Louisiana Downs Tuesday: “IS SEPERATE FLYER veered in sharply, hit rail, lost rider…. STEWARDS INQUIRY [CONCLUDED] SHE WAS THE CAUSE OF HER OWN MISHAP AND NO CHANGES WERE MADE.” Two points of disgust: characterizing hitting a rail as a “mishap”; and worse, it was of her own making. Is Seperate Flyer is two years old – an equine babe.

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  1. There are and were no horsemen present that fit the description of true horsemen and with the skills of a TRUE HORSEMAN being completely absent, this young filly that should not even be anywhere near a racetrack was brutally exploited by greedy, narcissistic, money-grubbing, power hungry, ego-tripping assholes that are too spineless and gutless to take responsibility for their own stupidity and evildoing.

  2. Kelly, you know what gets on my nerves is how the racing apologists,writers in particular… begin their attempt at defending these murders of horses by starting off on the false premise that it’s a sport.

    • There is prize money involved. Is that what makes it a so-called sport? The Jockey Club calls it the “Sport of Kings” and supposedly that makes it okay to kill horses??? It’s a brutal way to abuse and torture horses and attempt to justify it. It’s evil and wrong because it is Felony Animal Cruelty

    • Yeah, the racing press is the straight-up worst. They’re the mouthpieces of the industry, but they have to pretend to be journalists: “Shining our dim bulb on racing’s seedy, corrupt and cruel underbelly.”
      Poor things: when it became clear they weren’t gonna “Grow the Game,” they switched gears, to “Save Horse Racing” mode. Now that even that outcome seems unlikely, a couple are actually reporting (well, “reporting”) a SELECT FEW of the more egregious abuses they’ve ignored/covered-up for decades. (But only after these horrors have been brought to light by social media and the REAL news media.)
      So, since the comically-titled HISA seems to be faltering right out of the gate, I imagine the next step for the racing press is cannibalizing one another in their fever quest to save themselves:)

      • That part about cannibalizing one another to save themselves sounds like a plan to me. Hahahaha.

    • False premises and language twists are the name of the game. A two-year old causes her own mishap and no “changes” were made?
      First, what sort of “changes” are even considered or possible? No more racing for IS SEPERATE FLYER? Firing or slapping the wrist of the jockey? Re-locating the rail? Maybe it was a typo and the intended word was “charges”?
      Second, the public would have to have its collective blinders on to be suckered in by that language ruse. If spinning the truth and false premises are how horrific horse racing incidents are reported, maybe letters to the editor or other media on this one, for example, could suggest that “A racehorse that has been well-trained–yet runs into the rail–may have been suddenly frightened, or subjected to extreme pain, such as experiencing a medical problem (sprain, fracture, etc), or by receiving an electrical shock” [put the thought out there, followed by other cruel tricks of the trade, including the whip]. Track reporters can spew their spins of why/how incidents happen; others may have different ideas.

      • Marilyn, it’s highly unlikely that a TWO-YEAR-OLD racehorse is well-trained. It IS highly logical for the jockey to have scared the wits out of her with the whip and yelling at her in addition to the possibility of using an illegal shocking device on her. I think there is a lot more of the use of shocking devices on racehorses than is being reported, much like the use of illegal milkshake race injection and other illegal drugs. I suspect that the Stewards are in on it. It would be quite convenient to say it was the fault of the VICTIM when the use of illegal drugs and the illegal use of legal drugs and (illegal) shocking devices is as much a part of racing as the horses.

  3. These people who are responsible for the cruelty and deaths of horses should be prosecuted for their crimes of animal abuse. Horseracing must be abolished!

  4. Just like the thousands of racehorses sent to slaughter are the “causes of their own mishaps” and, of course, no changes will be made. Because what’s the difference between a rail in the chest or a knife in the neck at a kill pen – the racing industry had nothing to do with it, right?

  5. Those people are so vicious and vile and worthless and hope they are made to suffer for the rest of their worthless lives

  6. SHUT DOWN this unconscionably cruel & vile industry — FOREVER — Can you imagine making such a stupid ignorant declaration BLAMING the HORSE — this is beyond hate and immorality and disrespect — most do NOT know the depraved, merciless indifference to Horses’ well-being — we MUST BAN Horseracing PERMANENTLY.

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