3-Year-Old Happy Medium Killed at Belmont Today

Happy Medium was killed while training this morning at Belmont – “pulled up at the wire, splint applied, ambulanced to barn, euthanized.” He was three years old and had been put to the whip five times, most recently at Aqueduct earlier this month.


  1. New York horse racing should not be allowed to continue to kill horses by abusing them to death on their so-called less deadly racetracks or any other way!

  2. Another high-priced baby breaks down and dies during “training” in New York? Huh. What a shock.
    NY racing authorities really ought to consult with their California counterparts about this pesky little horse-killing problem they keep having. I’m sure the CHRB could offer some helpful insights into how they’ve all but eliminated racehorse injuries and deaths in the Golden State — especially in the last couple months(!), since they proudly hosted the Medina Spirit Mystery Slaying at the SADT.
    Isn’t it odd how New York keeps reporting so many horse kills, while Cali reports almost zero these days?

    If I was a skeptic about these matters, I’d say we might not be getting the whole story from the highly credible, super-transparent CHRB. Good thing I’m not.

  3. “Looking ahead for Happy Medium, [trainer Michelle] Nevin said, ‘We’ll just get past this, get back to training, and see how we are and then we’ll make our decisions down the road a little bit. We’re going to have to see how he comes out of this race. It was a huge effort, so I’m not in a rush to pick a spot. Once I feel like he’s back on his feet again, we’ll see what’s available to us.’”

    Once she feels he’s BACK ON HIS FEET AGAIN? – these people KNOW how hard racing is on them! – yet they DON’T STOP!


    • How much better did Michelle Nevin expect this horse, HAPPY MEDIUM, to get? It seems that these sadistic people expect the horses to perform as though they are machines. Winning three races and at such a young age wasn’t enough for these greedy people. They ran him until fatally injured. Sickening!!!!

    • They don’t stop torturing the horses…. because then they would have to get a REAL job. At the heart of it these people are lazy. You see having to work with people is so much harder than working with an animal that can’t fight back or talk back. Working with humans is a REAL job. Because people can fight back.

    • Look how many horses are found with pins and screws holding their legs together – if they can use enough spit and duct tape to get that horse to hobble onto the track under his own power then, by God, that horse is going to run.

  4. HAPPY MEDIUM is owned by Jay Em Ess Stable which is owned by breeder, prolific racehorse buyer and ardent supporter/defender of horse racing female owner Samantha Siegel.
    She lives and is based in Southern California, but runs all over the place.
    Horse racing is in the “family” and she’s reportedly rumored and research supports the possibility that her family is connected to Bugsy Siegel – yes, that one, after all this is horse racing.
    She reportedly owns or is in partnership with large scale wagering operations throughout the USA and possibly in off-shore tax-free wagering companies which affords her the millions she spends at the sales.
    Like Ms. Barbara Banke she’s had multiple racehorses die on the track and she still spends hundreds of thousands of dollars at the sales auctions.
    HAPPY MEDIUM – a $300,000 purchase with equine insurance policy most likely in place will be replaced as soon as the next sale comes around.
    Ms. Siegel has VIP treatment and private boxes at the premier racetracks in the USA and has admitted that she loves to gamble on racehorses.
    So although senior men are the predominant gamblers this industry has women in positions of power and influence big time such as 1) largest racetrack and wagering company owner and operator Belinda Stronach 2) one of the biggest breeding, training and racing operations in the USA Ms. Barbara Banke of Stonestreet Farms LLC 3) owner of Tampa Bay Downs who kills lots of racehorses and who refuses to participate in racehorse aftercare Stella F. Thayer 4) Ms. Siegel one of the most active buyers at racehorse auctions in the past several years 5) Mandy Pope the millions she’s spent on racehorses is mind boggling and that’s even after many have died on the tracks 6) a plethora of female politicians who continue to financially support horse racing with millions of taxpayer-funded subsidies 7) female trainers who make a living off of claiming proven racehorses, whose made a ton of money, only to squeeze them raw until they drop dead or get claimed like Patricia Farro, Linda Rice 8) female attorneys who own racehorses and who defend their trainers when they get caught with doping positives such as Maggi Moss who maintains that she “loves racehorses,” while she continues to dump racehorses into claiming that have made her lots of money with some ending up dead.
    It’s so sad and unfortunate that these ladies don’t come to their senses and admit that horse racing sucks for the racehorses and that they can’t possibly love them after they watch them drop dead or get mangled and still support the atrocities unfolding before our eyes every single damn day.
    Who ever said that being smart and having common sense is the same thing?

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