Uncaptured Soldier Dead at Mahoning Today

Uncaptured Soldier’s run in the 7th at Mahoning today: “trailed, suffered a catastrophic injury entering the stretch, pulled up and was euthanized.” He was three; ’twas his 15th time under the whip. He was also “For Sale” the day he died.

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  1. They used him and abused him like he was a machine; like they could replace his motor, so to speak. They raced him like they wanted to kill him on purpose. No horse deserves this INHUMANE TREATMENT!!!!

  2. Once again the race horse has to earn his keep. Better yet, let’s turn in his life insurance policy by running him to his death. He must have been a gelding or sterile. No more use to them. They make me sick.

    • This just further proves why colic and laminitis are such issues to racing horses. Jennifer Wilson- are you reading? Pay attention! Uncaptured soldier was born in Florida, and tortured to be prepped for the 2 year old sale. He died in Ohio. That’s across half a country. Half a country of trailering, with stops in between.
      Then these claims were at least 6 moves to different barns. Different feeding schedules and feeds. Different meds and supplements. Different training modalities. Different personalities. Let’s face it, some people taking care of these horses are nice. Many are not. And many just don’t really care, it’s a paycheck. It’s different climates. It’s different track surfaces.
      And he survived all that just to die on a nasty sloppy track in the rain in Ohio. It’s a wonder he lasted this long. Poor sweet beautiful horse. I can truly wish him peace now, he sure didn’t have it in life.

    • It doesn’t have to be this way …. these gorgeous sensitive intelligent animals dying as babies for nothing. I’m here to tell you people who want this genocide to continue … you are sick twisted psychopaths.

      • Compulsive gambling is a sickness, too, but the combination of abusing and killing horses for wagering revenue is totally unacceptable.

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