Colt Killed Training in California

The CHRB has disclosed the death of Bet On Mookie while training at San Luis Rey Downs Thursday. He had just turned three and had been raced three times.

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  1. BET ON MOOKIE was born to be used and abused for demented people that exploit horses. Racing is deliberate! The racing people exhibit a willful lack of compassion for horses as sentient beings. Racehorses are babies at two years of age and are not considered pets. They are forced to endure this horrendous cruelty and death happens more often than not. Horseracing is the equivalent of equicide. The people in this industry are equicidal maniacs. There is no virtue in Pari-mutuel wagering and exploiting horses as gambling chips. Betting $2 on a horse in a race is adding fuel to a fire that kills horses.

  2. Weird how (known doper and prolific horse-killer) Peter Miller can take a sabbatical from Cali racing, transfer his victims to his assistant(s), then sit back and watch as those same baby horses keep right on dying.
    Of course, it’s not at all weird to the so-called regulators at the CHRB; who do you think suggested he take this little hiatus in the first place?

    “Mr. Miller, you’re now up to six kills this year, so howsabout you just kinda step away for awhile so we don’t have to suspend you? Just sign ’em over to whatshisname until this all dies down. And, don’t worry: you can still use our proven system of Train-by-Phone. It works every bit as well as our own Doc Blea’s Examine-and-Prescribe-by-Phone method! So nobody in the pesky, animal-loving public will ever figure it out.”

    • I feel certain that this “what’s his name” assistant trainer was pre-approved by the California Horse Racing Board as well. Why not let someone else take the “spotlight” for awhile when you can still call the shots, right?!
      Why not give another bloodthirsty horse-killer a chance to make a name for himself?!

      • I’ve read that Peter Miller isn’t even on a sabbatical. I’ve read he’s still training at SLRD, and he’s just hiding a bit because he knew he was going to get in trouble and the CHRB asked him to lay low for a bit since they’re dealing with multiple other big shit shows right now.
        Whether or not the CHRB is involved, I would still not be surprised Miller is lurking around the track in the morning.

        • That’s interesting, Marie. He is allowed to “lay low” at a training track and still kill a young, underdeveloped colt that was raced three times as a TWO-YEAR-OLD. Peter Miller is listed as the trainer on Equibase of BET ON MOOKIE. Therefore, Peter Miller gets listed as the equicidal maniac responsible for the death of a young Thoroughbred colt that just turned THREE-YEARS-OLD on February 1, 2022. Same Modus Operandi, different day.

      • DRF published a story about Miller’s “vacation” from racing just one day after poor Bet On Mookie was killed. In it — we learn from the highly-credible racing press “reporter,” Steve Anderson — that Miller’s assistant, Ruben Alvarado, has taken over training duties for 60 of Miller’s equine victims in southern California.
        My main question for Mr. Anderson is: shouldn’t that number now be 59? Or, do you just kinda round the horse count to whatever sounds less deadly?
        Other than that, though, it’s a solid piece of “journalism.” (Not really, but at least Anderson referenced those six horse fatalities, instead of neglecting to mention them at all, as per the Official Racing Press Creed.)
        Oh, and my favorite quote from the story — Miller on why he “stepped away” from racing: “I was burned out and disenchanted with the industry,” Hahahahaha! Disenchanted? REALLY?! What’s remotely disenchanting about leading your state in the killing of baby animals for degenerates’ bets, Mr. Peter Miller?

        • In the interviews they always know the correct words to use and the facial expressions that plead their case. Liar liar everywhere.

          • It’s really interesting how he’s so disenchanted with the industry (burned out and all that crap) but he’s planning to attend the TWO-YEAR-OLDS-IN-TRAINING sales in the spring. Maybe he will have more time to study the catalogs and the bloodlines to pick out his next victims that might give him an ego trip in the event that he doesn’t kill them before they win a race. He can still do everything that he would do anyway except he doesn’t have to be there at the tracks physically 7 days a week. His assistant trainer can handle the physical stuff 7 days a week so he can show up 2 or 3 days a week and still be involved in the day to day operations more or less. Miller can take the winter off (not really) and watch his kids play ball games.
            How many dead racehorses are represented with each one of the so-called “leading trainer” titles that Miller has “won” off the blood and sweat of racehorses?

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