Knight Abuses Horse

I know it’s not horseracing, and I know it’s not America, but…. The following video shows Sir (yes, he was knighted) Mark Todd, trainer and Olympic gold medal-winning “equestrian,” abusing a horse with a branch. While watching, consider Todd’s remarks after he’d been exposed: “I wholeheartedly apologise to the horse and all involved for my actions in this video clip. One of the main things I preach is about establishing a mutual respect between horse and rider, and that patience and kindness is the best way to get results. I believe this is one of the main attributes, along with a great empathy with animals, that has enabled me to have a long and successful career in eventing. I am very disappointed in myself that I did not adhere to that in this case.”

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  1. This is so wrong on so many levels I scarcely know where to start. The rider was the one person who could’ve and should’ve stopped the abuse from happening. And, Mark Todd has obviously done this sort of thing before, because he was carrying the branch before the horse had refused or run out. I am so sick of the way people treat animals who are doing their level best.

    • So wrong on so many levels is right, Karen. That is not training! It is just straight up abuse!!!!

      • You train a horse to go forward off of leg pressure. So, now this confused equine will be waiting to respond from a person with a whip on the ground. And, people pay this guy for his advice? I don’t know what to make of Mark Todd and his training methods. Seriously stupid and irresponsible.

        • The horse is afraid of the jump for one thing. He lacks confidence and trust in his rider!
          As if that isn’t bad enough, this ANIMAL ABUSER POSING AS A SO-CALLED TRAINER is creating MORE FEAR IN THE HORSE and a lack of trust and a lack of confidence by acting like a PREDATOR.
          I think the rider is also feeling a lack of confidence because of this horse-abusing CREEP not doing anything to instill confidence and trust in both the horse and the rider.

  2. He was clearly stalking the horse with the branch! It looks like he’s had experience hitting horses before this event captured on video. Also, that might be why someone was taking video…?!
    I think PETA will be on this particular case of abuse of a horse like stink on poop! I would be surprised if they are not.

  3. Everyone just standing there like a bunch of Jack’s. And reminding everyone of our sweetheart here in US with the plastic rake and screaming at the poor horse.

    • Sir Mark Todd appears to have the ability to “articulate” which was something that was noted about Amber Cobb. I wonder if anyone will be impressed with his well-prepared speech/excuse/ so-called apology. It doesn’t mean anymore to me than it does to the horse.

  4. He is also a racehorse trainer, advertised as a “small boutique” stable of 15 racehorses. Don’t want to think of what those horses endure in his care.

  5. Forcing the horse to jump into water when he/she cannot see how far the fall is, and forcing the horse to “trust” human (mis)judgment, gained at the end of a whipping session, while all the humans stand around/or and laugh. The horse is trotting, working out, going round and round again to satisfy humans’ stupid whims. So sad that the cruelty to horses is of course not limited to racing.

  6. At the least he should lose his knighthood!
    And this should seriously impact his business.
    Why would people continue to have their horses trained by him!?
    Obviously he is a hypocrite.

    P.S. An article in the WSJ yesterday, 14 Feb., “Parched West Pushes Wild Horses to Brink” is so obviously biased and disingenuous it insults one’s intelligence. The BLM is full steam ahead to eliminate the wild horse.
    And a federal judge refused to block the use of helicopters in the roundups during foaling season although it goes against federal law!!! A federal judge refuses to enforce federal law!!!
    The article ends with Troy Cattoor, owner of the roundup company, saying “We all love horses” Sound familiar?!

  7. If he treats horses like this in a public setting, I shudder to imagine what he’s like when no one is around. And he’s disappointed in himself for getting caught, not for behaving like a complete Neanderthal – as soon as someone goes into a prepared speech to excuse their abusive behavior you know they’re full of 💩.

  8. Further, Mark Todd had no guarantee of how this horse was going to react to the beating. Therefore he was actually putting the rider at risk. Also, it looked like the rider needed some guidance at that point. We know horses sense when the rider is not experienced…
    And notice how he was protecting himself from a possible retaliation!!
    If I happened to be the one on that horse I would have been been furious with him for beating my horse and also putting me in danger.

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