Filly Killed at Charles Town Last Night

The 2nd at Charles Town last night: “Windrush Karma [made] contact with Needacarcalllouie at the break, entered the first turn in the four path, but was pulled up with a fatal injury and had to be euthanized on the track.” Windrush was three years old; this was her 9th race. She was also “For Sale” yesterday, her death-day.

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  1. Charles Town needs to be shut down. The horses are being betrayed by the people.

    • This is NEEDLESS death. End this now. There IS a way to prevent DEATH ….. END stupid pure evil horse racing. See, the answer to eliminating death is actually quite simple. Bye,Bye. Now go get a REAL job.

      • That would be real reform in a sense, Bonnie. The unscrupulous characters in the racing industry will fight tooth and nail to keep their gravy train of government funding through tax breaks and subsidies or Video Lottery Terminal payments or any label or name the lawyers and lobbyists (and whoever those political figures are who financially benefit from the exploitation of horses) want to use. Real reform would be as you say, Bonnie. End this utterly evil and incredibly stupid shit-show of horse abuse and torture and killing of racehorses.
        Investigate Big Pharma for the promotion, manufacturing, and sales of drugs that end up in the hands of “licensed veterinarians” and “licensed trainers” for the sole purpose of increasing their bottom line by injection of said drugs, both legal and illegal, into horses to enhance the performance of racehorses.

        • And, Wanda they don’t have the excuse anymore but what will we do for a job!!!!!!! Business all over is BEGGING for employees. So they can’t use that tired old lame excuse anymore!!!!

  2. What a horrible day for the fillies yesterday. I don’t have much faith that Princess Lea survived her injuries after her breakdown at Fair Grounds, but I know Patrick will update us if Louisiana actually honestly admits to it.

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