A “Funny Step” Kills Filly at Tampa

In the 2nd at Tampa Bay just a little while ago, 3-year-old Cielo d’Oro was said (Equibase) to have “suffered an apparent catastrophic injury near the sixteenth and was subsequently vanned off the course.” She was, in fact, euthanized where she lay. The videos are rough (I’m working on a cleaner copy), but they serve the purpose.

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  1. Ugh. Actually clicked play on both videos, with the hope that the “rough” disclaimer would make them less disturbing to see.
    Nope. Still a horror show.

    • What I found sickening was watching her hobble by people and they just matter of factly watch her go by. I get the one was the photographer but I guess I’m too much of an animal lover to not try to jump in and stop her. On close up, her ankle was snapped and swinging, and they did nothing to try and help her. And I also feel their outriders must suck.
      Poor poor filly. Everyone failed her

      • And how about those blinders on the poor thing? Breaks down amid the chaos, rights herself to the best of her ability, but still has her vision deliberately impaired, which keeps her “focused.”
        TBD is actually LUCKY that other horses didn’t tumble over her since she was nearly in the lead. Would Tampa Bay Downs have been so open about her killing had she gone down near the back?

      • Yes indeed, everyone failed her.
        Humanity failed her.
        This is so wrong!!

        P. S. And these chart writers don’t even care enough to get it right…

  2. Cielo d’Oro takes a nose dive into the turf and the racetrack announcer says “…takes a funny step there…” But she didn’t go down immediately exactly. She stayed on her feet for a stride or two before going down. I understand that things happen very quickly in racing. I know I would not be able to talk fast enough to verbally relay all of the names and whatever is happening as it happens spit second by split second continuously for over a minute in a horse race. I also understand that what they are doing to these horses is wrong and needs to be outlawed!
    May CIELO D’ORO Rest In Peace and may her death and tortured life not be in vain. 💔🙏

      • Rose Smith,
        Thank you for your input. For the record, I was not directing my comment at you or the chartwriter. I took your word for it and have not searched Equibase to look up the information on Cielo d’Oro. I may do do later but I was listening to the announcers voice in the top video shared here to see for myself WHEN the words “FUNNY STEP” were used.
        As for the chartwriter/s getting it right or wrong, I don’t think chartwriters consider it important about what happens to the horses, but rather their paychecks. It’s all disgusting how people can do this day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, decade after decade. It’s appalling that the Stronachs make “their living” this way; exploiting horses and taxpayers and gambling addicts.

  3. What the scum in this evil industry don’t understand is …these beautiful creatures want to live as much as we do!!!!!!!!!!!!! How dare the losers in this racket think that a living breathing soul doesn’t deserve a life the same as them.

  4. I hope every apologist takes note watching these beautiful souls die ….. and how desperately hard they are trying to stay and get upright and the terror in their eyes. You see they are exactly like us … they don’t want to die either!!!!!!! Now go get a real job and quit killing and torturing ANIMALS.

    • Right, Bonnie, horses absolutely want to live and that’s one of the reasons they run. It’s their natural instinct to run from away from danger, but in this sick, twisted, perverted industry the people are exploiting that natural instinct to where the horses are running into danger instead of away from it. It is just so sick and perverted and evil and twisted. It’s horrible!!!!!!

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