Wins $1,200 for His People Then Crumples After the Wire

According to the chart for the 11th at Delta Saturday, nothing out of the ordinary happened to 3-year-old Doctor Leo; as a matter of fact, he did quite well, finishing 5th and netting $1,200 for his people, Juan Larrosa and company. But as it turns out, Leo went down after the wire, something you would have only known had you watched the race to its completion…

I will of course report on Leo as soon as information becomes available.

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  1. I am hoping that they did not have to euthanize Leo. I will be awaiting your updated report.

  2. For horse racing and wagering, nothing out of the ordinary happened here. The forcing of horses to perform as gambling chips to the point of breaking down is repulsive and UNACCEPTABLE. It should not be treated as ordinary, but it seems like it is being treated as ordinary. It’s a paycheck for the people involved. The EGREGIOUS CRUELTY is routine and “ordinary” in this abusive bloodsport.
    I feel emotionally drained for the horses to have to be subjected to this hideous cruelty every day.
    The subsidies must be stopped. The level of sadism in this industry is so morally depraved. Taxpayers’ dollars should be going to the programs that have a positive impact on the communities instead of propping up Felony Animal Cruelty that is going unpunished.

  3. We are hoping he is OK. If we can check on Malibu Mayhem also from a couple of weeks back. Also, the magnificent Speightster was shipped to Canada a month ago for breeding. Dead yesterday from leg injury in the stall. He probably was trying to I want to go home.Where am I?

    • The latest update on Malibu Mayhem is that supposedly he’s doing well, but for some ungodly reason they sent him back to Baltas’ barn post surgery. I mean, God forbid the poor horse actually gets to rehab and recuperate at a quiet farm away from the crazy commotion of a racetrack.

    • Oh no Nancy, according to his people he was just so happy that he was playing in his stall and accidentally broke his leg kicking the wall. I have a bridge for sale.

      • Alan, thank you for the information on the happy horse that now is on the rainbow Bridge. 🌈

    • Another possibility is that he may have been feeling pain in his gut from possibly being colicky or other abnormal conditions in his intestinal tract. Another thought is that he could have been “Alydar’d” as you put it in past posts, Nancy. Who knows for sure what happened, except his connections. What horsemen they are, killing horses before their normal life span of 20+ to 30+ years of age.

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