A Kill at Santa Anita; A Breakdown in the Mud at Charles Town

Dylans Wild Cat died Thursday while training at Santa Anita, no other details as yet. Dylans was three years old and had been under the whip eight times.

Then this from Charles Town yesterday. According to the chart, Ruby Lee “pulled up sore and was vanned off” after “winning” the 1st race (and almost $8,000 for owner/trainer John Carlisle). The video (you need to watch till the end) shows Ruby’s lameness after the wire and the jockey, Javier Rivera, inexplicably walking her in a circle. Oh, and there were the atrocious – “sloppy,” said the chart – track conditions.


  1. I saw this race live and saw him dragging the poor horse, who clearly really didn’t want to keep walking, around himself. Not to mention- you can see her becoming more and more lame galloping out and he still stayed on her. And no one pointed out to him that his horse broke down and maybe he should get his stupid ass off?!
    And look at the idiot in the red silks on the 1 horse – bracing himself and hauling against her mouth with all his might!
    These dumbasses have about the same horsemanship skills that most of us have in our pinky fingers.

  2. Pretty sure there will be no more (haha) details forthcoming about the SADT Training kill of Dylans Wild Cat. The highly-credible, fully-transparent CHRB is a little bit, um, indisposed at the moment, so we can probably scratch them as a source. (Their whole world is falling apart. Again.)
    But I have faith that they’ll somehow manage to temporarily resurrect their own decimated status as an agency; they’re the unkillable zombies of the racing regulator world. That is, until the voters are given the chance to slay them for good.

  3. OH. MY. GOD. Rivera, PLEASE go drop fries at McDonalds or do whatever else keeps you as far away from horses as possible. Unbelievable.

  4. Horses should NEVER be running in the mud. Again, it’s just about the greed. Pure Evil. Karma’s a bitch.

    • Sure did, and looked like he trampled the jockey pretty well too. And yet, not one mention of it in the chart. “Transparency”??

      • Marie, I saw just that last second if this incident. But you are right..not one peep from the announcer or TVG people. Hopefully the horse is OK. The jockeys in front did turn around and look.

        • I’m not sure if you’re implying that the jockeys actually cared about the horse which is why they turned around to look, but just to be clear jockeys turn around and look to see if there’s a horse running lose to steer out of the way so that they themselves don’t get banged into.
          That’s usually the case although I’m sure their public relations mumbo jumbo would claim the former.
          No the charts don’t mention this incident because the horse, DOCTOR LEO a 3 year old baby, crossed the finish line in 5th so he served his gambling purpose and after the race can no longer generate profit and gets written in the charts as 5th.
          Just a reminder that the entire Louisiana horse racing scene is financially supported by taxpayer-funded casino subsidies and receive hundreds of millions of dollars each year to keep this deeply corrupt killing show going.

          • Gina, I mentioned them turning not because they cared but they knew something was occurring at the moment. So they knew there was a not so great end to this race. The horse may have just collapsed from exhaustion..I don’t know.hopefully he is ok

          • Americans owe horses more than they could ever repay,they fought in wars beside us, plowed our agriculture,provided life saving transportation (before automobiles),delivered food and supplies,so you see horses are extra special,compared to other animals. WE OWE THEM!!!!!

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