Hoboken Hustle Killed in the Snow at Mahoning

The 9th at Mahoning yesterday: “Hoboken Hustle chased the winner, took a bad step, was pulled up at the quarter pole and was euthanized.” Hoboken was five, and she was under the whip for the 29th time. She was also “For Sale” – cheap: $4,000 – on the day she died. Her people: owner Christi Esposito, trainer Joseph Poole. By the way, the snow at Mahoning yesterday was so bad at times that the chartcaller struggled to relay events; in fact, here is his/her note for the 6th (just three races before Hoboken died): “THE HORSES WERE HIDDEN BY THE SNOW UNTIL MID STRETCH.”

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  1. The injustice of the innocent and voiceless! All animals deserve lives free from human inflicted suffering. Just because we happen to be the most powerful species on earth, we humans have the ability, but not the right, to abuse these so-called lore animals. The ends do not justify the means! Every living creature deserves the right to live as nature has intended.

    What is wrong with people, what is wrong with these owners and trainers, please have some compassion for these precious animals!

  2. Rain, hail,sleet, snow,fog to the starting gate they go. What a pathetic bunch of fill in the blank

    • On the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority website, they refer to the group of people that make up the nominating committee as the “blue ribbon” nominating committee. So maybe we could use the term “blue ribbon” winners to fill in the blanks…? You know what I’m talking about…
      Horse-killers are horse-killers no matter how many blue ribbons they want to show off, no matter what century it is, no matter what the weather is.

      • In (the comically-titled) HISA structure, the Blue Ribbon nominating committee is outweighed in authority only by the Pink Barbiturate appointment council.

        • Yes, I believe that is an accurate assessment. I believe the Pink Barbiturate appointment council would be also known as the “leading stakeholders” in horseracing.

  3. If the snow was so bad that he made a statement during the race or afterward, then why did they race at all? Where does the animal safety start and the almighty dollar stop? Stop killing horses.

    • Peter, Great Point. They (the humans) do this because they are lazy sacks of s**t who don’t want to do the work to get a REAL job. The scumbags are lazy. SLOTH is a sin.

      • Bullcrap ! Most people on here commenting don t even know what we go through everyday caring for ours horse ! It is a Job 7 days a week ! And who to say that we r scrum bags and Lazy !

        • Deborah, are you saying that it’s really hard work to keep horses locked up in stalls 23 hours a day and force them to run around the track while carrying a whip-wielding jockey? Are you not aware that these despicable actions cause pain and suffering to the horses? Are you saying that it’s hard work to try to get the horses to run around a racetrack until some of them drop dead or sustain life-ending breakdowns?

          • I didn t mention any of that . That lady was saying we were scrum bags and needed a job ! I don t believe anyone knows how time consuming it is for some of us that take care of our horses ! It is a job and my horses get better care them some parents take
            Care of there own kids !!

            • Deborah, are you talking about racehorses? People who are EXPLOITING horses to death for RACING and WAGERING are choosing to be lower than low.

        • Deborah, you are involved in a non-essential activity that KILLS innocent animals. How dare you racing creeps kill these majestic horses. It must be ended,shutdown,so no horse ever dies a torturous death again. Surely Deborah you can SEE how pure evil it is. Read the names and the numbers of the horses killed…. the sheer numbers are overwhelming.

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