A Kill in the Mud at Aqueduct; Defend This Video, Apologists

Winetastic in the 8th at Aqueduct yesterday afternoon: “broke a step slow, was urged along on the outside, went five wide on the turn, suffered an injury inside the three-eighths and was pulled up then euthanized on the track.” And that’s that. He was but two years old – an equine babe – and this was his second ever race.

Although the breakdown is innocuous-looking, and while (it goes without saying) there are no images of the euthanasia, I’ve included the entire race to show both the conditions and, more important, the beatings administered to the rest of the “field” down the stretch. “Animal rights” aside, how can anyone see this as even remotely acceptable in the 21st Century?

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  1. And here I was, actually commending the team of Aqueduct racing officials for their decision to put poor Winetastic down on the track — instead of their usual Van-Off, which only extends suffering in the name of all-important optics.
    Turns out he’d “escaped” post-injury, and stumbled his way toward his makeshift herd at the finish line. So vanning him off for his euth wasn’t an option, since the super-humane crowd of racing fans and bettors had already witnessed the horror show.
    (Amazing what the public learns about this sick game when there’s an iota of forced transparency in the recounting of the carnage.)

  2. They don’t give a rat’s ass whether the ground is frozen and possible slips or the weather will freeze the lungs out. Barbaric and sad so sad.

  3. This should never be acceptable, but neither should hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies.
    WINETASTIC is yet another example of a state-sanctioned killing because it’s being financially supported and approved by our elected politicians who are just as culpable as every single horse racing apologist and parasite.

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