A “Bad Step” (in the Mud) Kill at Mahoning Today

This afternoon, in the 5th at Mahoning, Bearpath, says the chartwriter, “took a bad step [and was] euthanized on the track.” He was five years old, and this was his 24th time under the whip. The track, by the way, was reported as “muddy.” The complicit: owner Danielle Agnello, trainer Jeffrey Skerrett, and jockey Guillermo Rodriguez.

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  1. What a horribly tragic end to an innocent young horse exploited by racing participants for purse money and wagering!!!!!! This industry is guilty of so much wrongdoing!!!!! 💔
    THE WASHINGTON POST has an interesting and informative article about the corruption in horseracing and the veterinarian who was/is also a cocaine addict claiming that his drugs given to racehorses were not performance-enhancing but rather had “therapeutic value” to the horses in this “punishing sport.”

  2. Mahoning Valley ….what a shithole. Of course, it would have to be a CHESTNUT gelding. Shut this loser shitshow down. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Where are you, BloodHorse? – you covered the death of another 5-year-old gelding also named Bearpath who died because of a racing injury in 2011 – is it because the most recent Bearpath to be killed racing was only a “cheap claimer” and not a GSW like the “first” Bearpath? Or is it because the Bearpath killed at Mahoning yesterday is owned by the wife of a convicted felon who has ties to the mob AND has been alleged (maybe confirmed at this point) to have drugged racehorses with illegal substances?

    But no big surprise the racing press, fans and supporters do not and will not acknowledge the death of this Bearpath – no, they all prefer to turn a blind eye and ignore deaths of racehorses like him. Don’t acknowledge them. Don’t write about them. Don’t offer your sincere condolences. Don’t bring ANY attention of ANY kind to them. Just IGNORE them…

  4. In July of 2020, Bearpath “won” a race at Thistledown. Of the 8 horses in that race, at least three are now confirmed dead – Bearpath, Hopper Hunter and Who Dat Mo. 3 racehorses out of 8 racehorses now DEAD (that we know of). Again, what a “sport”.

    • Racehorses are bred not only to race, but also to be disposable, just something to be abused for demented people that happen to claim to be honest. Horseracing is such a cruel and sadistic industry!

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