Two More Killed at Golden Gate

Better Tomorrow finished 2nd in the 7th at Golden Gate January 7, but, says Equibase, he “lost action in the final strides” and was “vanned off.” Today, we learn the 3-year-old is dead, apparently euthanized Saturday – eight days after being injured.

In the 8th Sunday at Golden Gate, Mugaritz also was a “lost action, vanned off”; he, too, has been confirmed dead. Mugaritz was six.

This is horseracing.


  1. And they announced both killings just in time for tomorrow’s highly-anticipated CHRB meeting, in which the public gets to learn about (among other things):

    1. What’s going on with the newly-created “Safety” Task Force of thoroughbred TRAINERS (haha, yes, from the ranks of super-safety-conscious souls like Baffert, Miller, Hollendorfer, et al.).
    2. What’s going on with the Rogue Racing Vet as Equine Medical Director situation — otherwise known as the Blea Blunder.
    3. Whether the Stronachs have finally gotten in compliance with Fire Safety standards at their super-safe training facility, San Luis Rey Downs (best known for having dozens of horses perish in a fiery hell when the tracks themselves failed to kill them off.)

    Tune in at 9:30 PST tomorrow to listen to the esteemed Board squabble their way through yet another fun-filled morning, and ultimately save even more racehorses’ lives;)

    • Maybe “Hall of Fame” trainer Richard Mandella will suggest what kind of an award that his ideal, living example of a human being and a veterinarian, Jeff Blea, should receive. Hahaha… It’s only funny until you think about the horses and the suffering and the dying that these “fine, upstanding, honest, beyond reproach, overflowing with integrity” and egotistical people have forced on to the horses.
      There self-praise is vomit-worthy!

  2. 8 days later euthanized or better yet a month later. What are they doing to these poor horses in the meantime? We probably don’t want to know.

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