A Kill at Los Alamitos Saturday

I have confirmed that Big Fabuloso, a “lost action, pulled up, vanned off” in the 6th at Los Alamitos Saturday, has been euthanized. He was three years old.


  1. Do not understand. He “lost action. Vanned off” but why???? Do you just kill a horse because he loses action????

    • The horse suffered from some type of injury or injuries to lose action. The chartwriter purposely writes in vague terms instead of stating the reason why the horse lost action. The horse could have been suffering from heart and lung issues or some bones were broken or a combination of these disabling injuries. The horse was disabled permanently more or less. Sometimes I feel like their thinking is they don’t care so why should anybody else care.
      One thing is for certain, they’re not going to stop doing this. They’re not going to stop racing horses that causes them to lose action or anything else. I think the only way that Ed Allred, the owner of Los Alamitos Race Course, will stop his involvement in horseracing and horse-killings is when he loses action.

  2. Los Alamitos Horse Hell is running fewer days, races, and horses than ever before in its entire, sordid, horse-killing history. Yet they still managed a Two-Van-Off-Weekend — with at least one confirmed death. No surprise, there.
    What is more than a little suspicious, or should be (to those not trying to save California racing from its inevitable, imminent demise), is the CHRB’s lack of reported TRAINING FATALITIES at Los Al. We all know that Training kills go hand-in-hand with Racing ones — and often surpass them in number. But good old Doc Allred has somehow managed to avoid (reporting) ANY of them for the past NINE MONTHS.
    Amazing, isn’t it? So many kills when the cameras are on, but as soon as morning training begins, it’s the Safest Death Track in the World.

    • The willful lack of reporting training fatalities must be part of that “progressive transformation in California horse racing with the emphasis on horse safety, welfare, and integrity” that Jeff Blea mentioned in 2021 about 11 months ago, before his license to practice veterinary medicine was suspended.

      • LOL. Yeah, Blea certainly got the script memorized to become a proud member of the California Horse Racing Blowhards, didn’t he? But he’s still got a lot to learn from MY personal favorite character on the CHRB: Executive Director Scott Chaney. Chaney combines his racing apologist skills with a law degree AND long-time stewardship at none other than Los Alamitos Horse Hell. (He’s personally witnessed, oh, I’d say, about a gazillion breakdowns for Ol’ Doc, but now has to claim he’s kept awake at night worrying about how to curtail all the deaths.)

        • Wow, Kelly. It must be rough for the poor s.o.b. having to look up all the different possible ways or statutes that he can cleverly use to lie his way out of that progressive and transformative shit-hole he is so proudly a party to and a part of.

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