4-Year-Old Obsessed Killed at Aqueduct

4-year-old Obsessed “suffered an injury” in the 5th at Aqueduct yesterday and has been euthanized. His is the third death at a NYRA track on the young year – this, after 75 kills last year. Reform is a ruse, safe racing a lie; horseracing is inherently deadly.

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  1. So what you are saying is that we should no longer breed thoughbred and standardbred horses. How about the Clydesdales?

    • You’re missing the point again, because of the inherent “deny and deflect” tactic of the racing people; a subject that has been discussed on this site. You don’t want to face the fact that what you and your friends, family, and/or associates do is wrong. Any group of people that owns horses calling themselves “horse people” or “horseman”/ “horsemen”/ “horsewoman”/”horsewomen” and then can willfully practice pseudo-horsemanship by putting the horses at extremely high-risk of injuries and deaths are not practicing true horsemanship.

    • You’re a weird one, Steve. I’m pretty sure draft horses aren’t keeling over (as babies!) en masse, drugged to keep earning, isolated, whipped and crippled for betting junkies’ amusement, but if you really think it’s happening on a scale anywhere near that of racing, you should stop trolling and look into the matter. Thank you!

  2. OBSESSED started out with multiple doping violator and racehorse killer Todd Pletcher.
    Was bought for $330,000 by Barry K Schwartz – co-founder and chairman of Calvin Klein.
    This multimillionaire buys and dumps racehorses like gambling chips and has been doing this for years.
    He also sits on the board of The Jockey Club – the organization that claims to care about racehorses.
    After about 5 starts in Pletcher’s barn he took a turn for the worse which was, most likely, a physical issue that probably necessitated an immediate retirement, but there was money to be made so he gets dumped into the claiming ranks.
    Risking yet another racehorse life is a better option for a multimillionaire like Schwartz who doesn’t want to pay for his own racehorses once they are deemed trash.
    They are all parasites – every single one of them.

    • Gina, you are so DEAD- on right about no chin Todd. He injures and ruins them,then kills them. Go WORK and get a REAL job old no chin Todd. These LEECHES make me want to vomit on them. How does a society put up with this bullshit?

  3. Rain,hail,sleet,snow,frozen track ground, sub temperatures off to the starting gate they go.DISGUSTING.

  4. Steve, let me put it to you this way ….say you were born,kept in solitary confinement for your whole life (in a closet),and beaten and whipped with no chance of ever escaping. You mark my words you would say to yourself “I wish I had never been born”. Ya get the point Steve?!!!!!!!!!!

    • Stephen Jenney,
      Think about the sore muscles that horses have because of the nature of extreme exertion and the fact that horse racing participants especially trainers give the horses a concoction called the “illegal milkshake race injection” in order enhance the performance of horses exploited for the Pari-Mutuel gambling industry which is the “Siamese Twin” of horseracing.

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