“Sustained Fracture Months Ago” – Only Now Euthanized

The NYS Gaming Commission has disclosed the first kill of 2022 – well, actually it belongs in 2021. 5-year-old Dunph “sustained a condylar fracture months ago in a workout, was taken to Ruffian [hospital] [but] surgery was not recommended; [he] was sent back to Belmont [where] the severity of the lameness [led to] euthanasia.” “Sustained fracture months ago” – imagine this poor animal’s suffering. Complicit: owners Three Player’s Stable, Adam Portnoff; trainer Oscar Barrera III.


  1. So where are Gary Cave, Lee Unkefer, Kay, and Steve Jenner from our previous posts? C’mon guys, tell use more about those stalls cleaner than kitchens and those happy feel-good stories from the racetrack. Compare this to a dog getting off a leash and a human athlete getting injured in an accident. Spew out more of that “love ‘em like family” rhetoric and top it off with “accidents happen” and a twist of how hysterically ignorant those of us on this site are. I wonder if Dunph enjoyed those climate controlled stalls with his every sneeze attended to while he stood in agony for three months?

  2. Another vile example of the unforgivable animal cruelty inherent in the notorious horseracing industry.

  3. If anyone refuses to recognize this inhumane treatment of a racehorse as abuse, neglect and premeditated inhumane treatment of a horse, they’re just as EVIL as the racing participants that did this.

  4. Sick bastards. I hope you all rot in hell .. having everything you do to horses ..done to you.

    Shame on you !

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