Another Death at Belmont; Golden Gate, Too

In NY, Viking Zim is reported dead from laminitis at Belmont Sunday. He was just three years old and had been put to the whip 10 times, most recently at Aqueduct in December. The complicit: owner M.C. Stables, trainer Rudy Rodriguez.

In California, Hygh I. Q. perished at Golden Gate Wednesday – “non-musculoskeletal,” they’re calling it. He, too, was three; he was coming off a training session December 26. The complicit: owners James and Mona Hour, trainer Jack Steiner.

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  1. Non-musculoskeletal means what? Colic or exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage?
    Horseracing itself is inhumane treatment of horses and must be punishable by law. The horses suffer and die pre-mature deaths.
    Shut down this horror show driven by the vices of human beings in New York, California and every state!

    • After reading your new post about Jeff Blea and the CHRB, I get it now. NON-MUSCULOSKELETAL means performance enhancing drug-induced internal injuries!

  2. Poor CHRB! They finally decided to admit a single equine fatality in the MONTH since Medina Spirit’s sudden death. And just when they had us all convinced that they’d single-handedly solved the whole Mysterious Racehorse Death Dilemma…
    Oh well. Now the esteemed Board can return their laser focus to the REAL crisis they face: defending their Equine Medical Director’s veterinary license from those mean, mean sticklers at the State Vet Medical Board — who apparently expect a RACING vet to keep records and abide by drug laws and such. You know, kinda like a REAL veterinarian has to.

    • If the California Horse Racing Board members are defending him, they should be on “trial” too. But we already knew that anyway. I hope that they all are experiencing the feeling of being in deep shit! The public needs to hear about this hideous corruption over and over until the taxpayers and registered voters of California can make an informed decision at the polls on election day.

  3. This is sickening! These beautiful animals are dying for the sake of entertainment. It is wrong on every possible level and needs,to stop!!

  4. Please ban horse racing. It is a cruel, evil sport killing horses in the name of profit and entertainment. Barbaric!

  5. The deeply corrupt CHRB continues to show its true colors.
    They’ve come out in full swing to defend their Equine Medical Director Dr. Jeff Blea.
    Turns out he’s treated racehorses for all the multiple doping cheating violators like Bob Baffert while mislabeling drugs, treating racehorses whom he’s never seen including giving a huge supply of Thyroxine to Baffert which ultimately led to about 7 racehorses dying.
    Now we’ve found out that the CHRB basically covered-up a barn search which uncovered an extensive “medicine cabinet” in Bob Baffert’s barn of mislabeled drugs both legal and illegal.
    That shouldn’t surprise anybody at this point, but this incredibly corrupt Board has no problem defending doping, cheating violators who kills lots of racehorses and who killed MEDINA SPIRIT knowing that their good ole buddy Dr. Blea would continue to cover-up the widespread corruption in California racing which is probably why he was put into that position to begin with as I mentioned in a previous comment.
    Their statement released to the public, among other things, has requested that the Board of Veterinarians withdraw the temporary suspension of Dr. Blea cementing their ongoing position in continuing to support widespread drug abuse shoved into racehorses’ veins, muscles, and joints often leading to their death.
    Nowhere in their statement is a scarce attempt to protect and defend the racehorses which we would expect.
    “The CHRB is capable and specifically vested with the regulatory authority to ensure that all investigations, including necropsy reviews, are performed accurately and with the utmost diligence and transparency”
    What fu**ing planet are these people on? Seriously.
    Governor Newsom needs to shut them down and California residents need to demand that they shut this taxpayer funded farce down now along with these corruption and killing hell holes they call tracks.

    • I agree with you, Gina. In my opinion, I think the FBI should shut them down. I’m sure that’s oversimplified but you know what I mean.

  6. I agree with every post here.

    It is utterly horrifying that, with all these OBVIOUSLY criminal deaths, NOTHING is being done. This industry needs to be shut down immediately. Every single person involved with it is nothing but a criminal. NOT a horse lover. A f**king corrupt disgusting POS CRIMINAL. THEY (the owners, the trainers, the vets, everyone complicit, and they ALL are) should be forced to run on the racetrack and given drugs and then put down when they can’t handle it.

  7. those who gamble on horses or greyhounds, who enjoy joining the Fox Hunts and the deer Hunts too, who eat animals and wear their fur , these people to me, are rubbish, heartless, lack any intelligence and empathy.

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