Death at Churchill in 56th Race

In the 5th at Churchill November 3, Ceeky, says the chartwriter, “went wrong [and] was vanned off.” Typically, this means dead. And indeed the 7-year-old is, as confirmed by the stewards: “It was determined that the horse had suffered a catastrophic injury to his right foreleg and he was humanely euthanized.” This was Ceeky’s 56th time under the whip. A terrible life, a terrible death.

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  1. If there were a court order to shut this down today, I’d be happy and that’s for sure!
    Horseracing itself is a man-made disaster. Horses are not able to withstand the ongoing daily abuse and the demands of greedy, narcissistic, money grubbing human participants involved in the process of deliberately causing the injuries to the horses. These horse-abusing participants are too morally depraved to do the right thing.

  2. “Humanely euthanized” gives these parasites a false dimension of mercy. This horse was abused, exploited, and finally broken by the racing industry – there was nothing humane about that final needle.

    • The veterinarians are advised to put on the appearance of being “humane” even though it is a business of exploiting horses in the most inhumane ways that so far has been allowed to happen with impunity — as Patrick Battuello has posted under the heading of Commodification in the post “What’s Wrong With Horseracing?” on this site.

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