Details on Bellinger: Two Broken Legs, “Severe” Stomach Ulceration

As previously reported, Bellinger was killed in the 2nd at Keeneland October 22 (the second kill in as many races that day). The Racing Commission has released details:

“The colt was racing in mid pack when he was pulled up at the 3/8 pole. The on-track veterinarian…administered a sedative/analgesic to assist in loading onto the ambulance. While waiting to position the ambulance, the horse became severely distressed and was anesthetized [I assume they meant, euthanized] on the track.”

And why did poor Bellinger become “severely distressed”? “R Forelimb: [multiple] fractures; fetlock open and luxated; severe soft tissue damage. L forelimb: P1 chip fracture.” That’s fractures in both front legs. Oh, and then there was this: “multifocal, severe, subacute, squamous [stomach] ulceration with…gastritis.” Bellinger was but two years old – a baby. This, America, is your “Sport of Kings.”

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  1. This egregious cruelty to horses is a man-made disaster! This is the kind of disaster that has no logical possiblity of reform. There is no such thing as reforming inhumane treatment of horses. Horseracing itself is inhumane!!!!

    No “racing fan” can see the damage done to the horse’s internal digestive tract without pictures of it from the “authorities” in charge of disclosing or withholding such evidence of extreme/ severe/ exceptional animal abuse!!!! The broken bones and joints are OUTWARD evidence that horseracing must be punishable by law. HORSERACING is exceptional CRUELTY TO HORSES.
    It appears evident that the psychopaths in charge wanted the horse to suffer as long as possible or the veterinarian could have euthanized the horse as soon as he or she saw the extent of injuries. To try to keep the horse alive while dragging this horse onto the “ambulance” is further evidence of extreme CRUELTY to this horse. This is not the only horse that has been used like a lab rat (made to suffer on purpose) in this egregious cruelty to horses.

  2. I’m at a loss to understand what more evidence do the politicians and the governments require to take action against the horseracing industry.

    • Repetition; they just need to hear it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over until they finally get it that this EGREGIOUS CRUELTY to horses exploited by racing HAPPENS EVERY DAY and at every racetrack (not just Santa Anita and not just in 2019). Our legislators need to hear it every day that this egregious cruelty to horses happens every single day.

      • Perfectly said Wanda. It’s a sin what these freeloaders are using spectacularly beautiful horses for. End the abuse …..NOW

  3. Those soulless bastards. There was no saving Belllinger with an open fracture and they knew it – yet they tried to load him?

    • Well God forbid that anyone on that racetrack should display any type of normal empathy and mercy toward a horse that was just mangled for entertainment. The amount of force they would have had to use to get a horse with TWO broken front legs into their meat truck would have been beyond horrific to see, yet these soulless parasites not only do this on a nearly daily basis but they justify and DEFEND their primeval butcher show. The fear and agony Bellinger was subjected to just for them to try to prop up their tattered reputation only makes their posed photos of kissing and carrots more revolting.

  4. OMG, one can only imagine the absolute agony, pain and terror that this young, innocent horse suffered. How can these disgusting, sickening people sleep soundly at night is beyond my comprehension….although of course, ALL these racehorses are to them are money-making machines with five minutes of glory as extra. I’m sorry to say this, but I wish it had been the jockey that ended up with broken legs instead.

  5. It is malpractice for the vet to go along with these morally deficient individuals trying to load a mortally injured horse in excruciating pain.
    These track vets do not practice veterinary medicine they forfeit their integrity for a pay check. They are pawns of this unscrupulous business.

    • Malpractice is an accurate description of what these “licensed veterinarians” at racetracks do, especially when they prolong the suffering of racehorses — in this case, BELLINGER — for the satisfaction of some exceptionally sadistic, psychopathic human beings.
      As if deliberately forcing this colt born on March 19, 2019 to run as though he were a healthy, well-developed adult horse to run fast in competition against other horses mounted by whip-wielding jockeys was not sadistic and inhumane enough, they evidently saw a way to get their sadistic kicks even more so by attempting to drag him into the van/ambulance while traumatized by the life-ending injuries.
      This young colt was trafficked to three different racetracks. He was raced once at Saratoga on August 21, 2021, then once at Churchill Downs on September 30, 2021 and then once at Keeneland on October 22, 2021 where he was injured and eventually euthanized.
      This is not the example of HORSEMANSHIP that I would want any young person to follow!!!
      This is NOT HORSEMANSHIP!!!!!!!

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