“Collapsed while walking from barn to practice track.” Dead.

Five days after finishing last in a race at Monticello, Bringitonhome N, says the NYS Gaming Commission, “collapsed while walking from barn to practice track.” Dead. He was eight years old. This, by the way, is kill #104 on the NY Racing year.

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  1. Stop funding this CRUELTY to horses!!!!
    Stop the CORPORATE WELFARE to horseracing in the State of New York.
    Punish the people who are abusing and deliberately causing injuries and death to horses!!!!

  2. The horror story continues for the poor horses while those who have the power to intervene do NOTHING!?

  3. Now common sense tells us ….the horses are not being taken care of proper!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I’m sure it’s even worse now …with this plague of all history. The whole god damn world is suffering and dying …but by all means carry on with this unnecessary nonsense.

  4. I’m sure there is a lot more to this incident – not accident – than we will ever know. The number of horses who simply “drop dead” on tracks and in the stable area should be enough to prompt some sort of investigation if this were any other equine venue. The only so-called sport that has an equal abuse and death count is rodeo, and that’s another pile of barbaric shit altogether. It’s not like racing has anything to hide with these sudden and totally inexplicable deaths of adolescent horses, right?

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