“Mommas Boy Otis is in distress [dead, as it turns out].”

In the 8th race at Hawthorne yesterday, Mommas Boy Otis, says the chartwriter, “went bad on the turn.” You can see what that looks like below. Unsurprisingly, Mommas is dead. He was three years old, and this was his 14th time under the whip. The status of Wild Wes, who “fell over the fallen rival,” is unknown at this time.

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  1. Horseracing itself is inhumane treatment of horses AND deadly at all racetracks, some more so than others. Stop this egregious cruelty to horses!!!!!!

      • WILD WES, a Kentucky-bred Gray/Roan Thoroughbred Gelding born on March 11, 2017 with connections of Dundalk 5 LLC, Wesley F Herek Racing Stables LLC and 21 Racing, LLC (Owners), Dee Poulos (Trainer) and Diego Sanchez (Jockey). This was a “Claiming” race. If they wanted to sell him, there are other ways to sell horses without subjecting him to this egregious cruelty!!!!

          • Nancy, I hope he’s okay also. I wonder exactly how fast they were running; if they were going 30 mph, or 35 or 40 mph??? That’s tough to hit the ground going that fast. I know the jockeys have a choice but I still wonder if any of the three jockeys that hit the ground in this race got a brain concussion. Just curious.

  2. In DISTRESS ….ya Think?!!!!!!!!!!! Sick mf’rs. I feel so bad for that gorgeous gelding (Mama’s boy Otis). That beautiful boy broke down so horrendously. All I can think of is …from the REGAL Storm Cat line. His sire Firing Line should have held on to beat overrated American Pharoah, in the Kentucky Derby. Shut this EVIL down. NOW

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