Two “Vanned Off” After “Winning”; A “Fell, Vanned Off” in 82nd Race

In the 6th at Penn last night, Honorable Service fell in the stretch and was “vanned off.” Again, while I won’t have a definitive till my FOIA, this – “fell/vanned” – almost always translates to dead. And if so, this one is particularly horrible, as the obscenely-named Honorable Service is (was) just seven years old but being raced for the 82nd time. In fact, this was his 19th time under the whip – and yes, he was being beaten right up to the fall yesterday – this year.

Also yesterday, there were two horses ambulanced away after “winning” their races. After raking in a cool $20,000 for her people in the 8th at Mahoning, L C Zero “pulled up bad and was vanned off.” She is (was) three years old. In the 7th at Evangeline, the note was even more abhorrent: “Jessbye Train away super, dominated, vanned off.” Jessbye is (was) four. If dead, this will really sting for owner Rosendo Valdez and trainer Rosendo Valdez Jr: Including yesterday’s, Jessbye had “won” seven straight races. That said, a little over a year ago he was “vanned off” at this same track.

This is horseracing.


  1. Patrick, that horse Jessbye Train who won his 7th in a row is trained by 50% (86/173) 2021 Rosendo Valdez and the owner is his Father. They run a 💉 syndicate. They’ve won every major qtr horse stakes race this year. Vile

  2. HONORABLE SERVICE made over $365,000, was bought and sold race after race, was moved around the country from track to track and was used, abused, doped, beaten and forced to run by a bunch of parasites.
    There is no amount of money that these racehorses can make to secure a soft landing, a grassy paddock, a good home that they earned and so deserve.
    After they are permanently crippled and of no use to them then they are dumped usually at kill auctions and their only chance is for somebody to rescue them.
    For the most part, that is people like you and me NOT the multibillion dollar horse racing business nor the parasites that took away their healthy limbs and not even the gamblers.
    They are nowhere to be found at the kill auctions only in the winners circle when they are picking up a check.
    It’s racehorses like HONORABLE SERVICE that keep me fighting for these voiceless, defenseless victims.

    • Gina I also noticed in his PPs that the most time he’s had off since 2016 is 3 MONTHS. Plus he also went through the OBS under tack sale. He was a paycheck for sure.
      That is pure abuse, and no one looked out for this horse. Go figure.

  3. I’ve never been to Evangeline Downs in Louisiana but I get a picture of a very seedy place in my mind’s eye, regardless of how it might appear on the outside. I get the sense that JESSBYE TRAIN is a victim of a racehorse owner and a trainer that DO NOT have an ounce of scruples especially when it comes to doping the horses to get them to the winner’s circle. I feel sorry for all of the horses victimized by the racing industry.
    Racing horses is automatically inhumane treatment of horses. The horses are forced to endure the most horrendous of living conditions and yet so many people say that their horses are “treated well” which is an abomination!

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