Another Columnist Calls for Racing’s End

The Washington Post, one of the nation’s most respected and influential newspapers, has been a leading voice on this, our issue. In October 2019, the Post solicited an op-ed from me. Then came back-to-back board editorials. The first, in January 2020, inched ever so close to the abolitionist position: “We…think animal rights activists make a powerful case that the fundamental problem is with horse racing itself. … It is long past time to…answer the question of whether a sport that gambles with the lives of horses – animals we profess to love – has a place in the modern world.” The second, just two months later, left no doubt.

Now, longtime columnist Jennifer Rubin has joined an ever-growing list of compassionate, forward-thinking journalists who have come to see horseracing for what it is. Sunday, among her holiday-gift suggestions, Ms. Rubin proposed we give our equine friends something so simple yet so profound: “an end to horse racing.” Thank you, Ms. Rubin. Thank you.

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  1. This is great news. Horse racing has become an industrialized meat grinder chewing up horses for greedy owners, trainers, jockeys, and gamblers. It is no longer a friendly contest held out in the country a few days out of the year. Horse racing is an abomination.

  2. Thank you,Thank you,Thank you ….for all the good you do. A true Intelligent voice of reason. Ms Rubin 🙏

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SPEAKING OUT AGAINST THIS UN-REGULATED, CRIMINAL ACTIVITY: HORSE RACING!! They go down every day somewhere, only 2 years old at times, wayyyy too young to be training, racing, and running for their lives. Not every horse is the same. Not all horses can withstand the brutal conditions of racing, being trained, whipped, transported, handled, drugged drugged drugge.. It’s TRAUMATIZING.

  4. It’s about time the media got out front on this issue. Horse racing is criminal on every level.

  5. Thank you for joining up with compassionate horse people and call out the reality of horse racing (killing)!

  6. thanks jennifer rubin. we’ve still got a huge uphill battle here everyone. but we’re off to a strong start!

  7. Horse racing needs to go!! Greedy people that use these innocent animals for the money they can make from them and when that stops they are killed with car batteries at night and say they died of a heart attack,!! Oh yeah they did after they were shocked to death by their owners and then collect insurance on these poor inspecting animals.. I hope these rotten people go straight to hell!!!

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