Almost 12 Years Old, 128 Races – With No End in Sight

Nuestra Senor was first put to the whip over nine years ago, Nov 4, 2012, at Santa Anita. Among his subsequent stops in Florida, New Jersey, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York were two tracks that no longer exist (Hollywood Park, Suffolk Downs). On Nov 11, 2015, Nuestra, then five, brought up the rear in a cheap “claiming” race, some 28 lengths back. And even though he “won” $315 for his “connections” that day – Finger Lakes, a racino, pays first-last – owner G & G Establo and trainer Michael LeCesse were done with him. He next surfaced at the single worst (among stiff competition) track in North America, Camarero.

Nuestra’s first race on the island was in Feb 2016. 17 more followed that year; 12 in ’17; 13 in ’18; 14 in ’19; 11 in ’20; and 11 this year, the most recent just four days ago, bringing the Camarero total to 79 races. That coupled with the 49 in the States means that this poor animal has been whip-raced an almost unfathomable 128 times. His current abusers – there have been many: Nuestra has been “For Sale” in over 95% of his races – are owner Establo Vagabundo and trainer Luis Colorado. Nuestra will be 12 next month – and there is no end in sight. Vile doesn’t quite cut it.


  1. Camarero, the HELL hole it is MUST be shut down first. There is no question that is a proper start,and “GO” from there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRING these AMERICAN born horses home. NOW.

  2. Belmont Park has 49 dead horses according to the KILL LIST for 2021. THAT’S even more than PARX at 38 DEAD HORSES and Charles Town at 33 DEAD HORSES. Of course, PUERTO RICO is another dumping ground for used up Thoroughbred race horses. ALL of the horse racing and Pari-Mutuel gambling venues must be shut down AND Felony Animal Cruelty charges should be brought against every last one of the morally depraved horse-abusing, horse-killing, psychopathic, narcissistic, money grubbing human beings that participate in this MEAT GRINDER called horseracing.

  3. Please resurface that video from this hellhole where the horse laid there in the mud for x amount of time. And no one gave help solace kindness NOTHING like a bunch of fill in the blank low life.

    • Everybody needs to see that video. That was heartbreaking to watch. Shaking in pain and fear. Looks like he was having a stroke

  4. A DECENT person needs to claim that poor horse & give him a good, safe, forever home. At 12, he’s plenty young to be a wonderful riding horse. One of my 3 horses is an off-the-track Standardbred, raced as a 3 year old & then sold to the Amish who SERIOUSLY abused him for the next 4 years. After they busted him up, they were going to sell him to slaughter–because that’s what the Amish do, but a horse rescue nabbed him & I adopted him at age 7. Legend’s happy, healthy, saddle-trained & at almost 13 is the youngest of my 3 horses. All 3 do dressage & trail riding. There *are* great homes out there for horses like Nuestra.

      • Oh dear god Alan ….don’t get me started on that. THAT happens to be the most evil greedy part (overbreeding) of the whole scumbag shitshow. It makes me SO mad. They can’t even take care of the lives that are already here. So what do the scumbags do ….they create more unwanted lives. Now THAT is the true face of EVIL (horse racing). The greedy breeders WILL rot in ****

        • Overbreeding is the breeding of disposable horses. In racing, every horse IS DISPOSABLE! EVERY HORSE could be broken down and not be available as a gambling chip in a race. It is ALL EVIL! EVERY SINGLE PART OF HORSERACING IS ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!!!

          • The KINDEST, most loving, sensitive thing that could be done for the horses would be to shut down breeding!!!!!!!!!!! No more thoroughbreds created period. Of course, what I am saying will so go over their pea-brains 🤣

            • They have a whole different mentality. It’s all about the money; it’s not about showing compassion to the horses. The Jockey Club would not take in money for registration fees if there were no new foals born.

    • Thank you for sharing this post, Joy. This one was so distressing! It’s a relief to know that SEQUANA was saved from racing in Puerto Rico and brought back to New York to a rescue home!

  5. SAINT BOY gets 1 punch in the flanks at the Olympics.
    There was an immediate widespread global response, as there should be, demanding that animal cruelty charges were laid which immediately required a committee review subsequently cancelling this event.
    NUESTRA SENOR translates to OUR LORD in English so I suppose the whips/nails driven into their bodies intentionally deliver extreme suffering is similar as the story goes.
    This poor racehorse can be beaten 128 times – where is the global outrage, where are the SAINT BOY defenders?
    SAINT BOY garnered international media attention with the video being replayed thousands of times on major media outlets, but horse racing?
    They have their plugged-in columnists like John Cherva and Ray Paulick touting the line for them, protecting this outrageous abuse all in the name of a gambling bet!
    Sure we’ve made progress, but in the light of what’s going on it seems outrageous to me that this open display of horse abuse, cruelty and inhumane treatment should garner an immediate shut down – a long time ago.
    Politicians are so quick to slice major money from education budgets forcing teachers to buy their own classroom supplies and in some cases an entire school only has 1 toilet!!
    Yet, this vile killing business gets handed hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer/gambling subsidies without a bat of an eyelash from our politicians, and with little to no oversight.
    When is this insanity going to END for all racehorses including the grossly abused NUESTRA SENOR?

  6. What is the current status of the Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare in Puerto Rico? Several months ago I read they were going to run out of money. Are they still able to provide anything for unwanted Thoroughbred race horses? I hope that they are able to do something for NUESTRA SENOR before it is too late.

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