Abuse, Thy Name Is Horseracing

While reviewing the charts for the recently-collapsed Kabikeka, I came upon another abused horse who just happened to have been run in a couple of Kabi’s races. The 4-year-old filly Kefaliani has been put to the whip nine times this year. Her “results”:

Jul 8, Delaware, last, 18+ lengths back (“dropped back at the start”)
Jul 31, Delaware, last, 29+ back (“rank early, stopped abruptly”)
Aug 16, Delaware, last, 30+ back (“off slowly and outrun”)
Aug 25 (just nine days later), Delaware, last, 13+ back (“gave way”)
Sep 6, Delaware, second-to-last, 30+ back (“tired”)
Sep 13 (just seven days later), Delaware, second-to-last, 29+ back (“gave way”)
Oct 7, Delaware, last, 51+ back (“lost contact with her field”)
Oct 27, Penn, last, 28+ back (“stopped”)
Nov 9, Penn, last, 24+ back (“weakened”)

To recap, and to be more precise, over nine races since July, Kefaliani has finished a combined 257.25 lengths back – that’s an average of almost 30 per race – and last or second-to-last every time. The person most responsible for this conspicuous animal cruelty is owner/trainer Bassam Captan (although Konstantinos Harigeorgiou is the trainer of record for the two Penn races).

It is no coincidence that both Delaware and Penn are racinos, meaning they are being almost entirely propped up by slot-machine revenue, money that should be going back to the state for things like education and infrastructure. But in addition to artificially inflating the take for the win, place, and show finishers, that slots cash also allows the tracks to pay first through last – i.e., in most cases, all the horse need do is cross the finish line for the “connections” to profit. And the miscreant Captan has:

Jul 8: $125
Jul 31: $125
Aug 16: $125
Aug 25: $540
Sep 6: $125
Sep 13: $125
Oct 7: $840 (this is the race Kefaliani finished 51.75 lengths back)
Oct 27: $564 (28.25 lengths back)

And of course, in all but one of the above races, Captan had Kefaliani “For Sale.” Horrible people. Horrible industry.


  1. Horseracing is a man-made disaster!!!! That includes women as well as men, of course!!!!
    Just as buildings cannot remain unaffected or undamaged by hurricane force winds and earthquakes, horses cannot remain unaffected or undamaged by horseracing!!!!!!

  2. If you figure 4′ per horse length that would add up to > 1,000` in total distance always behind the field. Absolutely insane experience for this poor horse! This 4 year old filly is clearing saying that she is not interested in being a participant in racing!

  3. Yet another example of a horse who “loves to run”, right apologists? And let’s not forget the whipping she receives during her races to force her to love to run. I’m sure it won’t be too much longer before she breaks down completely or her connections “retire” her for good. C’mon, apologist – we’re waiting for your excuses.

  4. Wish I had the skills and bandwidth to expose “racinos” and all horse race betting for what they really are: Shameful, blind endorsements, promotions, and mindless cheering for beating exploited horses–many to death–as well as enabling addictions to gambling that–in addition to supporting horse racing’s endless chain of innocent horse torture–ruins people’s lives and creates codependency heartaches. If, like other addictions, gambling can be considered a disease, then maybe allies to stop horseracing (gambling at a minimum) in the mental health industry can be educated and join this worthy cause–for people’s sake, if not for horses’ as well.

    • Excellent point. I also wish to add educators unions, parents organizations , and taxpayers who are being robbed and I’d like to know that every individual involved with racing horses for a living is in the U.S. legally.

    • Well stated, Marilyn. I believe that there has been some individuals who have been banned from gambling at the Clearwater River Casino owned and operated by the Nez Perce Tribe in Idaho because some individuals are so addicted to gambling that they just can’t stop. The consequences are devastating as you have pointed out. I don’t think the slot machines and casinos owned and operated by the various tribes of Indigenous Peoples will go away, but horseracing and Pari-mutuel wagering definitely need to go away and be banned everywhere forever!!!!!

  5. i think that horse will die on the track soon.dont have much prospect for that horese to remain alive. can somebody buy it and sanctuary it. what a shame to do that.

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