At Least One Dead in Double Fall at Parx

The 7th at Parx yesterday: “Eliana’s Mission suffered a catastrophic injury midway on the turn and fell then was subsequently euthanized. Reach for Thestars fell over the stricken rival [and did not finish].” This must-have-been-horrific scene was deleted from the track’s replay. Eliana was four and under the whip for the 16th time; tellingly, she had yet to “win” a race. Will update on Reach when information comes in.

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  1. Horseracing is so egregiously cruel and horseracing participants are so sadistic to do this hideous injustice to the horses day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. This evil game of using, abusing and exploiting the horses in order to get their WAGERING ACCOUNT REVENUES and CORPORATE WELFARE to satisfy their own sick, perverted desires must be punishable by law. Pass legislation that makes it possible to punish these horse-abusing, horse-killing psychopathic narcissists!!! Shut down the racing industry!!!! It doesn’t contribute to the good of society. Horseracing is an example of criminal activity run amok.
    Stop letting this game of CRUELTIES TO HORSES drain the public funds!!!!!!!
    Stop letting these criminally minded racing industry participants abuse and kill horses!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh, but it’s okay, because the Pennsylvania Thoroughbred Horsemen’s (ha ha) Association is sending Thoughts & Prayers to the jockeys involved. As per racing’s Morality Requirements, all the other jocks just kept right on whipping their mounts to place as highly as possible in the all-important Death Race. (So they don’t need the usual well-wishes, I guess. Until next time…)

    • Yes, Kelly, you pegged the Thoroughbred Racing Rules and Regulations so well by saying, “Morality Requirements.” The Stewards would have a time giving all of the Jockeys a talking-to about showing any reasonable amount of “Care and Concern” for anything other than “UNIFORMLY USING THE RIDING CROPS” during a race!
      First priority: whip your horses! That is what you are getting paid for. The “medical staff” on duty get paid to attend to the fallen “FOE” so remember that!

  3. “How many more racehorses must die?” is the moral and ethical obvious, but I’m asking “How many more hundreds of millions of dollars will our politicians continue to handout to this killing business at the detriment of, our public coffers, our communities, our children and our infrastructure?
    All hell holes in PA wouldn’t exist if they were not getting subsidies and we know, via court documents, that the PA HBPA and racing Commissioners are deeply corrupt and they control the money.
    Isn’t it ironic how this business boasts about their millions in wagering profits while owners spend hundreds of thousands on 1 racehorse?
    Hardly a business that should require propping up to the tune of about 200 million+ per year!
    These millionaire owners don’t even pay taxes when they buy racehorses and why not?
    Yet, the majority of tracks only exist due to working class taxpayer-funded subsidies/handouts to support every entity required for them to run their racehorses from the tracks, to the racing commissions to the infrastructure to get them there.
    Hypocrisy at best, but can’t blame them for defending such a gravy train, but how in the hell can our elected politicians continue to financially support this?
    It’s insane.

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